Pending - All licenses are in use or the license is not assigned yet

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Trying to install MS Outlook on a managed and enrolled ipad. Device management shows " Pending - All licenses are in use or the license is not assigned yet " but the app is free and therefore no VPP is required. ABM shows it there and it's added to the device config policy. Any ideas?



have you mapped the app to a VPP, and do you have more license in your ASM/ABM

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Mapping would be my bet.

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I don't manage our apps, but as far as I understand it free apps still need to get licenses for them to be assigned to devices. My guess is you need to request more licenses through ABM.

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1) Even though the app is free, you still have to "buy" licenses through ABM for the number of devices that you are assigning the app to (regardless of whether they install the app or not). In Jamf, you would need to make sure that Managed Distribution is enabled on the app and the correct number of licenses are showing assigned.

2) If all of that is setup correctly, then you may be running into an issue that has been plaguing me for a while: blank serial numbers on device records. In Jamf, run both a computer and mobile device search for blank serial number. For any device returned, update inventory and hope that it reports in. So long as there are blank serial numbers in the Jamf database, the license monitor crashes and will not process any more app licenses. Once the device records have serial numbers, the license monitor resumes and app licenses process again. I have submitted this issue to Jamf, but it doesn't have a PI yet to my knowledge. 

Did your issue ever receive a PI# from Jamf regarding your issue related to the blank serial numbers causing havoc?  I believe we are experiencing the same issue.

No, all I got from support was that the device must have lost internet connection while processing an update inventory command, but before it could be completed, resulting in the serial number being blank. I would absolutely open a case with Jamf about this issue, as the more voices they hear, the more likely to get this issue eventually resolved.

Great blank serial number was the cause and removing that device the fix

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I found out that there is now a Product Issue associated with this bug.  PI109789:  "VPP will fail to assign a license for iOS and macOS apps and give the error 'Pending - All licenses are in use, or the license is not assigned yet' if the Jamf Pro DB contains devices with blank serial numbers."  If anyone experiences this issue in the future, I recommend submitting a support case to Jamf and referencing this PI.

Until the bug is fixed, here are the recommended workaround steps:
1) Create an advanced search to find the blank serial number.
2) Run 'update inventory' continuously to the devices with a blank serial number until the serial number appears.
3) If the 'update inventory' does not fix the issue, re-enroll the device.

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This is hurting us right now. Hope it's fixed soon.

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Thanks you! 

I've reenrolled an Iphone X several times but the serial number in jamf is still blank.. I hope this will be fixed soon🤞

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Sign up for the 10.41 beta and check the release notes 😉