Policy not updating inventory after running Files & Processes command

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I've got a policy I'm testing that will run on checkin on a subset of devices. The policy runs the softwareupdate command to obtain the 13.4 installer from Apple's servers and then update inventory once finished. The reason for the inventory update is so the Mac will be put into a smart group containing the Macs that have the 13.4 installer in /Applications. This smart group is excluded from the policy scope.

I'm finding that because the softwareupdate command takes some time to download the full OS installer, the Macs aren't updating their inventory afterwards, meaning they're not put into the smart group and next time they check in, they run the command try to obtain the 13.4 installer again.


Has anyone encountered this before? Or have a better way to achieve this? The end goal is to have the installer in Applications so staff can update their OS when convenient to them, rather than forcing updates on them in the middle of a school day.


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Yeah, Softwareupdate command can be slow.

How about getting the 13.4 installer, pushing the clean package via Jamf policy, and updating inventory?

I use the Download Full Installer app to download the packages for deployment.