Problem w/ Smart Group

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I had a smart group set up that I used for years, but I can no longer find it and I need to recreate it.

I enroll iPads before students come in to pick them up. When they arrive, I show them how to do one of two things 1) sign into an existing personal Apple ID account or 2) set up a new Apple ID account using their school email address. I'm working with several kids at a time but I usually don't keep track of who shows up because I had a smart group set up that would keep track of who signed into their iPad. This is how I knew who still needed to pick up a device. Now that this smart group somehow disappeared, I've had to rely on a spreadsheet and basically take attendance with each group so I know who has been set up.

I've been having difficulty recreating this smart group so I'd like some help. I have new students from different graduating classes receiving different model iPads, so none of those criteria types would narrow down. The iTunes Store Account criteria of 'Active' would be more helpful if it could tell me who recently logged into their account rather than whose account is active, but it doesn't work that way. Not a criticism of Jamf, of course.

Can anyone offer some advice? Thank you in advance.


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I may be missing some information. My simplistic approach.

Quick question:

1. username field - is that being used?

2. email address field - is that being used?

My thought process would be to use: 
Signed-in user -> email address or username field would be added to their device in Jamf. 

Something simple as Create smart group: 

1. Email address like ``

If missing, then those are the devices that are not signed in.