Redsky MyE911

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Anyone deployed RedSky MyE911 with JAMF? 
RedSky E911 is a cloud-based emergency call routing service that helps organizations comply with E911 regulations Kari's Law and RAY BAUM'S Act. Both are separate pieces of legislation that were passed in the United States with the goal of improving public safety and emergency response.

I believe a configuration profile will be needed to allow access to system events. Not too sure if I will need to get the Team Identifier or Bundle ID.

Also, looking for a way to automatically input the host address so users won't have to manually input it.

If anyone already has this set up and don't mind sharing, that would be awesome.


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Same scenario - I've asked for that same information. I've asked what and how the agent detects the network change. I gave them a list of questions and their answers indicated they don't really know how this application works on macOS.   I tried explaining to them that macOS 13 allows the end user to turn off the agent and the notifications and they just shrugged it off and said there was no way to prevent this. (this is exactly what managed settings are for)

One would think that an application for something used only during emergencies would kinda be important to set up properly? Did you get anywhere with your implementation?