There might be issues with automatically updating Microsoft Edge


Ever since edge switched to the new 113 updater I have run into a few macs that edge refuses to update.

I am already using the plist to update

<dict> <key>updatePolicies</key> <dict>

<key>global</key> <dict>


<integer>0</integer> </dict>

</dict> </dict>

And it works fine.


The macs that have the issue I noticed the EdgeUpdater folder is locked out and therefore blocking edge itself from updating.

Macs that are updating ok,  this folder does not have a permission block.

I even manually updated to version 117 and it does not fix the folder permission and edge is still not updating.

Not sure if anyone has run into this or if they have a way to fix the folder permissions using Jamf.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 5.08.00 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-10-20 at 4.13.31 PM.png



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Hey there, currently experiencing a similar issue of 25 devices with Edge that are no longer updating automatically with Installomator.
Thanks for shedding light here with the folder permission, I checked with a clients device and bingo! same permission issue. Currently looking into a fix for this using JAMF Pro, should be a very simple script to change the folder permissions.


I'll report back shortly with my findings.

Okay so, issue resolved in my case. For me it was two seperate issues: an issue with Microsoft Auto Updater within the Installomator script AND an issue with the folder permission as you described.

To resolve the folder permission issue, I pushed out the following as a script in JAMF:

sudo chmod -R u+rwx "/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/EdgeUpdater"

20/25 devices updated successfully a short time later.

Hope that helps,