What has been your experience with managing <150 MacBooks with Jamf Business Plan?

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G'day! First time posting here.

I'm considering switching over from Workspace ONE to Jamf to manage my employer's MacBook fleet (less than 150 devices).

Keen to learn about your experience with this platform from you all cool System Admins out there 😎

Cheers 🙏🏽


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Hey @ayumi , nice to meet you.  

I have used Workspace ONE in $DifferentOrg then came to $CurrentOrg where they were a Jamf house and I couldn't have been happier.  

WS1 is a good product, but 2 years ago, it made me cringe when I logged in.  For one and this was a major one, their Smart Groups (then) weren't very smart.  And so, due to that we had to use alternative methods to automation workflows.  In Jamf, they're great and dependable, not so much in WS1.  Now, they may have updated things and they may be great now, no idea.  Then, their support was lack luster.  I once opened a ticket for a Mac user (forget what the issue was) and the tech wanted me to send logs and was directing me to the /Windows directory.  So.....yeah.  

If I were looking for an MDM, I'd always point to Jamf.  There is a reason why they're the premier Apple partner.  Good luck.  

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I have never actually used WS1, but over the years I have scheduled several Demos with them. The functionality of WS1 that they could try to sell on the call always was lack luster. If you cannot even make your product sound better than the competition (JAMF) in a sales call, that does not bode well to me.