disable USB or USB Mass Storage Devices

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Is there a way to disable USB ports with jamf now that apple has removed that from their mdm framework? I only want to disable mass storage devices.



We are also long for a solution as apple is deprecating the functionality 
I think the alternate option is to use DLP agent 


Jamf Protect or anything that leverages the EndpointSecurity framework

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The short answer. No.


The long Answer. JAMF Pro is a MDM Platform, and uses Apples MDM framework to manage devices. Since Apple retired the MDM command to control USB drives from their MDM framework, no MDM platform can use those retired MDM commands to manage USB drives. 


The path I suggest. Restricting USB drives are a part of DLP, which is a Security concern not a Device Management concern. I recommend letting your security team find a tool specifically for this function.


You would not use a Mustang to tow a camper. Why would you use a MDM platform to handle DLP tasks. Use the correct tool for the job, or have a bad time.