Jamf NOW Questions

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  • is it possible to identify a jailbroken iOS Device? Or prevent it entirely?

  • is it possible to blacklist certain apps?

  • is it possible to see if the root user is active (macOS)?

Are any of these only possible with Jamf Pro? Thanks for your help!


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JAMF Now is very limited, and kinda inline with the price point. If you are needing anything beyond the most basic of management JAMF Now is probably not the tool for you. More of less the extent of managing devices with JAMF Now is with blueprints. These work like an extremely watered down Configuration Profile from JAMF Pro.


  • JAMF Now for iOS/iPad OS you can restrict (black list) apps, but not for macOS. To Black List application on macOS you need JAMF Pro, though I suggest finding a proper app control tool if you need to black list applications extensively as you really want whitelisting.
  • For Jail breaking I am not even sure if JAMF Pro can prevent that without locking down system preferences or to disallow installing configuration profiles. I have not tinkered very much in this domain so take my comment with a grain of salt. You can lock settings with JAMF Now, but I don't think you can restrict installing configuration profiles.
  • I do not think JAMF Now can see local user accounts. I am poking around my JAMF Now instance and don't see anything for the user accounts, but I could have missed it. JAMF Pro does read account information and you can have JAMF Pro report on if the Root account is enabled.


Honestly, JAMF Now is free for up to 2 devices. May as well create and account and give it a test drive. You cannot do everything without an Apple Business/School Manager account so you can get VPP for Apps and Books, but it should still give you a decent idea as to what JAMF now is capable of.