Jamf NOW Questions

New Contributor
  • is it possible to identify a jailbroken iOS Device? Or prevent it entirely?

  • is it possible to blacklist certain apps?

  • is it possible to see if the root user is active (macOS)?

Are any of these only possible with Jamf Pro? Thanks for your help!


Honored Contributor II

If you are wanting these things you want JAMF Pro not JAMF Now. The features you are asking about are quite far beyond the basic solution that JAMF now is targeting.


  • On JAMF Pro JailBreak detection requires the use of smart groups, which JAMF Now does not support. I am not sure about preventing JailBreaking, noncompliant device isolation is probably the best option.
  • You can only white list apps with JAMF Now, you can white and black List Apps with JAMF Pro
  • JAMF Pro needs an Extension Attribute to see if the Root Account is active. JAMF Now does not support Extension Attributes.