10.11.1 and createOSXinstallPkg

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Did something change in 10.11.1 that would cause createOSXinstallPkg to not work? Have other people run it successfully? I downloaded the updated 10.11 installer and used my createOSXinstallPkg config that had worked successfully with 10.11 and I am getting this error:

Downloading and adding IncompatibleAppList pkg...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./createOSXinstallPkg", line 1008, in <module>
  File "./createOSXinstallPkg", line 970, in main
    getPkgAndMakeIndexSproduct(destpath, os_vers=os_version)
  File "./createOSXinstallPkg", line 579, in getPkgAndMakeIndexSproduct
    url = findIncompatibleAppListPkgURL(catalog_url, package_name)
  File "./createOSXinstallPkg", line 507, in findIncompatibleAppListPkgURL
    if 'Products' in catalog:
TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable

I saw that createOSXinstallPkg was updated 15 days ago, so I downloaded it again, but I think it is the same one I have downloaded before.

Just figured I'd check here to see if anyone else is seeing this.


Contributor III

I just wanted to post back that this is working now. I guess the IncompatibleAppList was just having issues downloading from Apple, and apparently they have fixed the issue.