Adobe CC suite - best practise to upgrade


On our macs we currently have all kind of CC versions running from CC2015 to CC2019. As Far I know Adobe RUM will not work with full updates, but only patching current versions.

So I can push out a new Adobe photoshop CC 2019 package to the client that runs Adobe photoshop CC 2015. But should there be run a uninstall script first of existing one or what is the best practise, so eventually user settings will not be changed even an upgrade of the version is happening



Tried to use the patch management, but this is really not very user friendly. A small notification that shows up in 2 seconds in the right corner and dissapear.

Does there exist any scripts for this that is more user friendly. tried to do a seach on github, but not found much.

So what am i looking for:
If an old adobe Cloud photoshop is used I can push out the package to the client.
But then the uninstallation and installation of the new package must somehow be initiated with user information on the screen

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You should be able to make a smart group based on the version installed, to find the old versions.
Then you will need to run a script that will check to see if the app is running, and if not then you can bin the old version and install the new.
There is a thread here with details for scripting an uninstall of the Adobe apps, if you then use that info to do the uninstall.
Composer will allow you to add scripts to run at set times during the install of a package. In this case you would be looking to run it as a pre-install script.
I am sorry I cant be of a lot of help here, because of the way we work here it is not something I do. I would simply re-image the Mac and put the correct version on it after the imaging has completed.