Anyone using profilecreator ?

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I just found profilecreator and a very good tool
But how is the best way to import this to jamf ?.

If I just try to upload the mobileconfig file to jamf it just is empty. I have then tried to rename it to a plist file and use as custom configuration. But even the profile is installed on clients, the settings made in the profile is not applied

Maybe it is me that is doing something wrong or?


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depending on what keys you set you can either export as a plist and set them as custom settings in a jamf profile or sign the plist and import that. you won't see anything much in jamf but will see the settings on the device in the profiles pane

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@jameson It's expected behavior that most custom payloads won't have a graphical interface in Jamf and appear "empty." It's a good idea to sign the custom profiles (where you won't see the payload content) to prevent Jamf from unintentionally messing with existing profiles you have that may have differing key prefs.