App\Itunes Store Policy?

New Contributor III

I'm wondering what other people's policies are in regards to the App Store and Itunes Store. Do you allow them to use personal Apple ID's? Do you have them use Apple ID's at all? Do you block the App Store and Itunes Store entirely? If so, how do you allow users to search for apps that they may want to try out?
Currently, I'm using managed Apple ID's for my users, which obviously blocks them from purchasing free and paid apps. However, I left the Apple ID preference pane editable so that they could log into the managed Apple ID. Fearing that they would then log out of the managed Apple ID and use a personal Apple ID, I blocked the App store and Itunes Store, which makes the App Store and Itunes Store apps disappear. However, doing it that way also prevents them from searching the App Store for an app that they would like to use in the future. In the grand scheme of things, I'm mainly concerned about paid apps and not allowing users to purchase those on their own. I could care less about free apps. In an ideal world, I would give users the freedom to download and install free apps, but restrict them from downloading and installing paid apps. Unfortunately, this isn't possible. So I was wondering, what are your policies regarding this matter?