Apple - Apple School Manager Website - Login Issues?

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I was wondering if anyone else on this board uses Apple School Manager website in conjunction with JAMF and has frequent issues of logging in or getting kicked out? I am wondering if it is just our accounts...? I've tried separate wifi and our login success is about 40%.



I did until I only used Safari.

Chrome wasn't working as well - go figure!

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Getting kicked out of ASM or JAMF?

It hasn't happened lately for me, but I used to get kicked out of jamf pro quite frequently; I found that using Chrome tended to work better for jamf pro, especially if you have multiple tabs open.

As for ASM, I have not had issues logging in. The timeout for their website is 10 minutes (I think), so getting logged out automatically happens quickly.

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Not sure if this helps, but on Windows in Google Chrome I often go to and notice that the cells where I would enter my credentials never load - there is just a blank white space. I've found that if I hit f12 and right click on the refresh button, then select "empty cache and hard reload," the page comes back up normally and does let me log in.

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I have pretty common issues with, it comes and goes, sometimes I can log in and out all day no issues, other times it just won't play nice.
I don't think JAMF has anything to do with the issue, it's long before I am getting to a point where it would be relevant that I have issues.

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I've been having issues with Chrome and ASM on Windows. At first, if my session would time out I would have to clear cache to get the sign in page to load again. Now for the last 2 weeks, apps and books will not load using Chrome, it just spins. I opened a case with Apple's Enterprise Support but no resolution yet. We captured some logs, it seems to error out when trying to access VPP info. Alternatively, I have been successful using Safari. Hopefully, there will be a fix for the current Chrome issues soon.