Apple SSO Extension password expiration data missing


Out of my pool of machines I now have 3 machines that do not offer the password sync dialogue nor do they show the password expiration date.

I did a quick test where I changed the local password, then changed it through the SSO extension and found that it does indeed sync it. I also found a handy SSO extension attribute which pulls kerberos status which shows me the machine is logged on but its missing the password change and expiration date.

I have pulled and re-applied the SSO configuration profile but this did not resolve it. To make matters even stranger I tried to log on with this user account to another machine and that also did not record the password expiration. Seems that this one user account cant get this info from the server.


New Contributor

On macOS, the Kerberos SSO extension proactively acquires a. Kerberos ... Under Custom Configuration, add the following values: 10. ... If your password is close to expiring, you'll get a notification telling you how many days you have until it.