AppleTV API rename / Last Inventory Update issue

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It appears that setting the name of an ATV record via API causes the Last Inventory Update to update its timestamp... even if the ATV is not turned on.

Here's the command that we're using that causes the timestamp to change.

curl -u $jssuser:$jsspass -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -H "Accept: application/xml" -d "<mobile_device><general><display_name>$new_device_name</display_name><device_name>$new_device_name</device_name><name>$new_device_name</name></general></mobile_device>"$ipad_id

Can anyone verify if this is intended or not? It seems like a bug since it makes it look like the device has sent in inventory information when it actually has not. This is happening on Jamf 10.16.1.


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You've discovered that this is how it works, in that it is how it has been built. Here are two FRs:

Inventory Time becomes incorrect with API

Rest API to not cause full inventory update

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Thanks for the info, @cdenesha. After talking to Jamf support, they said it was a bug. So, maybe they will fix it. Although, seeing how those two FR are so old, it's not looking likely. :(