autopkgr software working with M1?


We are looking to upgrade our mac mini from intel to an m1 but not sure if there are any issues? Thank you in advance


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I have 2 Mac mini m1's running on 12.3.1 running autopkgr for our Dev and Prod Environments and we have not had any service disruptions or issues.  I am running AutoPkrg v1.5.7.  

You Should be good to go without issue. 

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@dgeiler When setting up Autopkgr on an M1 system running Monterey 12.3 or newer you will want to install autopkg first as it will set up a self-contained version of Python. Then you can install Autopkgr and complete the setup.

Alternatively you could install the MacAdmins Python 3 framework using and then install AutoPkgr


Thak you to all

I wrote to the Linde Group who created autopkgr and confirm no issues as stated by forum users.


Hi Duane,


Yes, current Autopkgr will run on Apple M1s.


Good luck with your purchase!







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