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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.34 Release

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.34 which includes enhancements to the Jamf Parent and Jamf Teacher apps, updates to the Jamf Connect auto-deployment settings, and new Shared iPad session features. This release also gives IT admins the ability to select...  View more

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Composer 8.6 ahhh another bug!

I have had to revert to using the last known good Composer 8.51! Composer 8.6 has a flaw to make unflattened pkgs to install to the top level of the disk. For example iWork 09 preinstalled software pkg creates /ROOt/Snapshots/Settings Etc etc and eve...  View more

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AD Certificate Configuration Profile: Request Failed

Hi All, On 10.7.x i've managed to knock up a profile that meant the clients would request a Machine certificate from our AD Certificate Authority. As per: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4784 This now links to a new document for 10.8, http://support.ap...  View more

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Restricting Mountain Lion dictation

In case anyone is curious, it seems the key to disabling the Mountain Lion dictation function is stored in a com.apple.ironwood.support.plist. The settings are Domain: com.apple.ironwood.support Apply To: User Level Enforced Key Name: Ironwood Allowe...  View more

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How do I allow Logitech Device Pref Pane?

Hello, I have a user who installed the latest and greatest Logitech mouse on his laptop. The preference pane is greyed out though and the user cannot access the software. I am new to Caspar and would like to allow the user to utilize the software. An...  View more

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dialog box before auto logout

We have our Macs set to auto-logout after 5 minutes of inactivity. Is there a way to script a dialog box to come up before the logout? Something along the lines of: "You are about to be logged out due to inactivity. Press continue if you wish to cont...  View more

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Sharing Names not sticking

I have been noticing that sharing names are not sticking when using Casper Imaging via Netboot or Locally. After the first boot the name of the computer reverts back to localhost.  View more

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10.7 Image loses keychain entries

Didn't have this problem until upgrading to Casper 8.6. I have created a 10.7.4 image with wireless preferred network and keychain items baked into it. I can restore the image using Casper Imaging just fine outside of a Configuration. However when I ...  View more

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Adobe licensing and rekeying

Hi, With the new Adobe installation tool you can install a Master Collection and rekey it to be a Design Premium or whatever suite you want it to be. We use this a lot when users need After Effects. We just key it to Master Collection, then change it...  View more

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10.8 NetBoot Diskless issues

We were having a problem with our SUS on 10.7 not pulling all the updates so we upgraded it to 10.8 and it fixed the SUS issues but now we are having issues with diskless net booting.Anyone else found this to be an issue as well? Gabe ShackneyInstruc...  View more

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winclone win7-64, 10.7 win7 doesn't boot

Hi AllWe are trying to deploy win7-64 and 10.7 to labs. We are following the JAMF KB https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=70and end up with blinking curser in Window side on first boot.Winclone image works when we push it using Winclon...  View more

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Error Deploying 10.8 with InstallESD

So here's my situation. I'm running a 10.7.4 Netboot server with a 10.8 NetBoot set and am trying to deploy 10.8 by importing the InstallESD.dmg and tagging it as an OS X installer. Every time I try and image a MacBook Pro with it I get the following...  View more

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Update room field

Not sure if I'm overlooking anything obvious here... Is there an easy way to fill the "room"information in the (8.52) JSS? I can search and find my lab of machines and then choose "Take Action on Results" and put in the department, building, servers ...  View more

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Error restoring back up database

I'm trying to set up a mac mini with 8.6 on it for testing so I grabbed a backup from our main server and tried to do a restore on it. Using the 8.6 database utility I start the restore and it takes about 10 minutes and then gets the following error:...  View more

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Printer Drivers

Hi there, We are running Casper 8.52 and AD here at the college with some clients running Lion and the majority of them running Snow Leopard. I've set the printers trought AD and installed them on my computer to make them available on Self Service. T...  View more

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Report on iOS Battery Remaining?

We would like to report on battery levels on iPads and send an alert when the level falls to a certain point. Although the battery level is reported, we are having trouble finding the criteria when setting up the smart group. We'd also like to gather...  View more

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JSS Settings vanished after upgrade to 8.6

After upgrading to 8.6, it seems that all of JSS Settings got wiped out(i.e. Activation Code, SMTP Server, Change Management and GSX Connection)If i try to re-enter the information and click save, it does not retain the settings. Is anyone else exper...  View more

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OT: Folder Redirection MCX

I've seen that there are specific MCX for Folder Redirection. We are looking for more documentation/samples around this MCX implementation. I would also like to understand how this would work in conjunction with Home Sync and Mobile Accounts. Is ther...  View more

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AD and Workgroup Manager

We are running 10.7.4 and want to manage both local and domain users locally via Workgroup Mngr. Currently, after creating the group, if I add the group Member ‘ADDomain Users’ manually under the “Members” area in WGM (using the Plus sign), I save an...  View more

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error deploying packages - both DMGs and PKGs are failing

The error message I get is "Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Error the package path specified was invalid: '/Library/Application Support/JAMF/Downloads/packagename.pkg' I have done searches and found one or two that sound simil...  View more

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NetBoot/SUS Appliance & Mt. Lion 10.8

For some reason Mt. Lion doesn't seem to be playing with our SUS Appliance. I keep getting error "An error has occurred""The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1100.)" When I poked around in the appliance I noticed that there i...  View more

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keyboards, timezones and defaults users

Hi everybody, We have offices all around the world and I was wondering how you guys support different keyboard layouts and time zones. I like the option in Apple Setup to select the preferred keyboard layout, create a new user and pick a time zone bu...  View more

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apps ratings in JSS MDM; what do 4+, 9+, 12+ et c. mean?

Hey JAMFs. I don't get the apps ratings within JSS MDM. This is in profile configuration, restrictions category, under Media tab. What do "4+", "9+", "12+" et c. mean? E.g. does 9+ mean for age 9 and over? I'm looking for something like "4 and under"...  View more

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