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Third-Party Security Issue

Update 12/28On December 9, 2021, a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) was identified in the log4j library (https://www.lunasec.io/docs/blog/log4j-zero-day/). The log4j project released version 2.15 to address this issue. New i...  View more

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Active Directory Password Expiration Script

Not sure how many people out there have this problem, but many of our users rarely log off of their machines. This is a problem in an environment that has Mac's bound to Active Directory which need to abide by certain password expiration policies. Es...  View more

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Reading Directory Attributes

Using "dscl" to read a multi value attribute is causing me some trouble. I'd like to be able to read "dsAttrTypeNative:otherLoginWorkstations" but due to the multi value capability, I haven't been successful in doing so. Example: dscl /Active Directo...  View more

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Tomcat 7 won't start after Java update

I am running Casper 8.52 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 OS. A Java update was accidently pushed to the server and the machine has Java 7 update 4 installed. As a result Tomcat 7 will not start and the JSS Web application is inaccessible from a web brows...  View more

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Safari Off via Smart Group

So we're finding that we are not in compliance with state mandates because we are not currently filtering internet content on the iOS devices as they leave district. Currently all devices (mixture of iPad and iPad 2) are being used by administrators ...  View more

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Bulk upload of location details for IOS devices

Hi all, long time reader first time poster here. At the school whjere I run the IT support, we are about to have some 1200 iPads managed by Casper for use by students. Each student has their own Active Directory ID (bound to the JSS) that has been sh...  View more

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Office 2011 First-Launch User Experience

I'm trying to prevent users from being prompted for their name and whether or not they want Office to auto-update and/or participate in the error reporting. I have launched Word with a test account and trimmed down the resulting .Plist files that get...  View more

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Prestage Imaging

Hello all, We are having an issue getting a prestage to execute. I have limited the scope to network segments, but when a machine is netBoted within that segment it doesn't pull the prestage settings. The run count is 0 in the JSS. It fails to run re...  View more

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Good morning from warm and sunny Minneapolis! Wanted to let people know that there will be several of us from JAMF attending WWDC next week. We'll be setting up a gathering to say hello and discuss the State of the Nation. Let us know if you'll be at...  View more

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Whitelist best practice

Our Associates that are not local admins should not be able to install software. Currently they get around this by installing to their desktop and running from there. We would like to use parental controls to restrict that, which works well, but we k...  View more

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Windows Distribution Point Java Question...

I'm in the process of completing Casper installs on Windows Distribution Point VM servers. The present issue I'm facing is when attempting to import the Casper mysql databases on the Hong Kong and Bangalore Vms. I was able to open the JSSDatabaseUtil...  View more

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First Distribution Point... Questions

I've read-through postings on Distribution Points and have the Managing Distribution Points section from the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide, but have a few questions. If there is a document that answeres these questions, please feel free to smack...  View more

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Creating users

Situation: We are using casper to create a hidden admin account, but want to have students set up their own local accounts. We don't want them to have admin accounts. What is the best way to do this? We have thought about creating the accounts manual...  View more

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[OT} 10.7.x SMB traffic & proventia appliances

We have been going round after round with apple and our security group. Since we've had lion we've been getting false positives from the SMB client, which is causing our proventia appliance to block all mac traffic from the 10.7 machine (particularly...  View more

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Changing Preferences Using Composer

Hi All, Is anyone else having a problem using composer to capture the current plist settings for the dock, menu bar, etc. We can create the .dmg and we select "Fill User Templates" and "Fill Existing User Templates" and we have no success at all with...  View more

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Error code: 28

Casper Suite 8.52 Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with my JSS. I first noticed it while imaging a computer - during the "Update ByHost Files" phase when it is Ensuring system files are hidden... Also sometimes it takes very long to load pa...  View more

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Moving Configurations

I'm trying to be smarter about staging deployments before releasing them. I'm wondering if there's a way to copy a configuration and all it's packages from the staging jss to the production jss...  View more

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Target Mode Imaging

I am using it to image some Airs. I image the first one just fine, no problems at all. I disconnect it and then plug in the next Air. It prompts for a name and then tries to mount the distro point again and of course fails because its already mounted...  View more

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Force-update jamf binary

I've got a good number of machines which are reporting an out-of-date jamf binary version. Several of these are checking in regularly, some are not. I want to force an update of the jamf binary of these machines. I've got a smart-group which targets ...  View more

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Base Image with Casper Imaging

Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a base image (OS X, Office, AV and AdmitMac)and having some trouble. Here is what I have done: On latest hardware, I have installed a 10.7.4 and then did all the updates. After that I have installed all the basic ap...  View more

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Restrict logon to specific Active Directory Groups

Goal: Only allow members of specific Active Directory (AD) groups to logon to certain computers. Why: We want to keep students from being able to logon to Faculty/Staff computers. We also need to keep Prep school students from using University comput...  View more

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Extension Attribute for Computer Type?

I would like to add an extension attribute for computer type, meaning Laptop, Server or Desktop. Obviously this could be a dumb drop down, but it would be great if there was a way to do it via computer model. Does anyone know if there is there a way ...  View more

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