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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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Auto DMG and enrollment

Hello Everyone, Recently, I found Auto DMG. Nice little program that turns the OSX installer into a DMG file with updates, I love it. It also has a portion to inject any pkg files to include with the DMG. I attempted to put the QuickAdd.pkg i created...  View more

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JDS on Ubuntu 14.04?

It looks like JDS 9.32 only supports 10.04 or 12.04. Is there a way to over-ride things to make it install on the new 14.04 TLS? I only see the following options: --confirm Ask before running embedded script --noexec Do not run embedded script --keep...  View more

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Error: Could not connect to the HTTP server to download

We are experiencing an issue with JSS 9.31 while attempting to cache a large package to remote users over HTTP that are connected via VPN and possibly Wi-Fi. If you review the policy error below, the package partially downloads then times out. The er...  View more

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FUT and FEU Issue with Mavericks 10.9.2

I found an issue with the FUT and FEU feature. It was changing permissions on the /users/{user}/Library/keychain folder. This was causing users who login via AD account to get a message that the keychains could not be found. I was able to fix this is...  View more

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QuickAdd - User Initiated Enrollment

Hello, The one time package that is deployed through UIA , is there anyway to customize this package so that it sets some location information automatically. I cannot see any way through the JSS of customizing this. It looks like it is generated auto...  View more

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Login.Keychain in 10.9.x

Hey guys,I know a lot of members here are having issues when it comes to AD and keychain. I'm trying to tackle this with the most efficient way possible for end teachers/staffs this year. How I used to manage this...OS X 10.7.x - There is a script on...  View more

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Mavericks FileVault 2

Hi, I am evaluating the product at the moment and have a few questions around this... If a user has enabled filevault previously and only enabled their own user account as a FV2 user can I get Casper to remediate this by either enabling the admin acc...  View more

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Is a Jumpstart required?

Over the years I have had mixed communications regarding when a Jumpstart is required.If there is an engineer on-site at a new company that are looking at getting Casper is a Jumpstart required if the engineer has a CJA and CCA? Hopefully someone can...  View more

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A workaround version strings ...

An extension attribute. #!/bin/bash app="/Applications/YourAppHere.app" comparelen=10 vers=$(defaults read "$app/Contents/Info.plist" CFBundleShortVersionString 2> /dev/null) if [ "$vers" != "" ] then versint=$(echo $vers | sed 's/[^0-9]*//g') major=...  View more

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Apple Configurator (AC) 1.5

Hi Guys, AC 1.5 (424) seems buggy. Since I upgraded to 1.5 its giving error while Prepare or Supervise. It is able to download 7.1.2 but it can't Unpack it to the UnpackedFirmware folder. I accessed that folder manually changed the ipsw file to zip f...  View more

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Cant connect to update server (servername)

I am setting up a SUS for the first time. So far i have gone into settings on our jss and put in the ip address of our jss. I have a configuration profile setup and a couple test machines in them. I have software update turned on the the mac. Current...  View more

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Initial Setup: Server Architecture

Hello Everyone, We are joining the JAMF community and will be setting up Casper very soon. I wanted to poll the people already using the product to see how they setup their server architecture and see if anyone has any "gotchas" we might want to be a...  View more

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Convert Casper Record

Greetings, Wanted to find out if there was a way to convert a computer record in Casper to maybe like a "static" record, so the information about the machine is saved in a frozen state, and we can free up an unused casper seat. Thanks!  View more

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Old topic, new thread... .PKG vs .DMG

so there seems to be several (old) threads about the pros vs. cons of packaging composer installers via .pkg or .dmg. We currently use .dmg's (per my guidance due to our packaging team being windows based). Just curious as to who's doing what and why...  View more

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Give users with space in name admin rights?

I am attempting to use @tlarkin script #!/bin/bash # generate local user account based on UID of greater than 1000, if multiple AD accounts exist this will grab all of them userList=$(/usr/bin/dscl . list /Users UniqueID | /usr/bin/awk '$2 > 1000 { p...  View more

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jamfAgent in Accessibility

I am currently using AppleScripts to allow users to run a policy in Self Service to reset their AD password, to help resolve keychain sync issues. However, when I run the policy it gets blocked by Security&Privacy. I am looking for a way to enable th...  View more

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LDAP User Group Membership Mappings

Hi- I'm trying to use AD for my users and group logins to the JSS. My user mappings seem to be correct. I can test users, I can add a user from AD, give it JSS permissions and my AD user and PW work nicely. My User Group mappings seem to be correct, ...  View more

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Log shows failed when http failover occurs

Im wondering why it's showing failed for a policy installation when the primary DP is not available and it does an http failover? The software installs correctly after the failover, I would think the result would be a warning but not failed. Thoughts...  View more

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SIS Importer File Example

I would like to see a full example of the file that needs to be uploaded into the SIS importer for Casper Focus purposes. The examples that I've seen so far are not doing me any good. If someone could show me what they have uploaded I would appreciat...  View more

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Mac Mini Server Overheating

I have posted to the Apple community already with no responses, so I figured I would keep trying my sources. I am experiencing overheating issues with my Mac Mini netboot server. Below is what I am working with. Model Name: Mac mini Late 2012 Model I...  View more

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First-run / post-imaging script help

I am sure the answer to this is completely obvious and I am just missing it for some reason. The bug with using Casper Imaging over NetBoot with a JDS master DP is really beating me up, so for the group of Macs I've got that are frequently re-imaged,...  View more

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Prey Project Mass Deploy through

Prey Project Mass Deploy Issues - i have made a package of the prey software using the following information in composer on a 10.9.4 MBP. I am having issue with the deployment - Below is the prey project general info. I made a snap shot and modified ...  View more

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Failed policy: Package could not be verified

OK, so I have a smart group that shows Macs that are on Mavericks but have not upgraded to 10.9.4 yet, and I have the Apple 10.9.4 combo updater in Casper Admin, and I have a policy that installs the 10.9.4 combo updater, scoped to the smart group th...  View more

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Need bug confirmation. Please assist.

If someone has a moment can you please run the following script via policy and confirm casper see's it as a failure. I've tried for days to explain to support that this is a bug in their log parsing but they will not listen and are now suggesting I h...  View more

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Random clients not checking in

Hello, We have some clients not checking into our JSS v9.3 on and off the network, we have a DMZ setup and in place which does in fact work although some machines eventually stop checking in. it's completely random as to how this happens but we have ...  View more

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JDS-OS Package Question

I have been using various third-party methods to get an OS package installer into the JSS for Self Service use for a couple of years. 10.9.4 came out recently and I decided to try adding the Mavericks .app file to Casper Admin and do it the new JAMF ...  View more

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