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Jamf Pro 10.42.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro. Jamf Pro 10.42.1 fixes the following product issues: [PI110600] Updated a third-party library to resolve a known vulnerability (CVE-2022-42889). [PI110632] The device inventory record no longe...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.43.0 Beta is Now Available!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.43.0 Beta. This release includes enhancements to Device Compliance integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, a new FileVault 2 Personal Recovery Key Attribute, and several fixes and other enhancement...  View more

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One Apple ID with VPP

So I have to deploy iPads spread out through various classrooms at different schools for student use. I'm planning on using one apple id per school. How is that going to work when I push the app out via management? I'm planning on purchasing enough c...  View more

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[OT] File Access via Netapp and Wintel servers

We've been fighting with slow performance when our macs are accessing Wintel & Netapp file shares. We've had M$ and Apple on conference calls and had countless packet traces done, but nothing ever came up other than Apple's SMB in Lion/MLion wasn't v...  View more

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Slightly OT: files needed by NetInstall on 10.8.2?

Hi all, I'm working on our first remote cluster client deployment. So far everything seems to be going well, except imaging. (Oh, that little thing? :0 ) It seems that I'm having some NetBoot issues, where things are p-a-i-n-fully slow to start; Casp...  View more

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Inventory and asset mangement help

Sign in and sign out, and just regular asset management. I have JAMF and Web helpdesk but I hate the interface and login behind how Web helpdesk. I have been using our school library database for keeping track but with the amount of stuff that we are...  View more

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unable to create mobile account...

I'm currently on a trial with Casper and i'm having a problem with ad binding. When binding a mac onto our AD, all seems fine, except when creating a mobile account on login i get - "unable to create mobile account. There was a problem while creating...  View more

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Terminal Notifier Script Help

I'm trying to make a template in the JSS for notifications using Terminal Notifier. I made this script quick to do some sanity checks, but it still doesn't work like I expect. Notifications don't come through for some reason.``` !/bin/bash HARDCODED ...  View more

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Managing Autologin

Hi all, Wanted to quickly share this with you all. I've found that a few computers on our estate had been set by people unknown to autologin which is a big security nightmare! A little digging, an extension attribute, a smart group and a script have ...  View more

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Casper Suite 8.63 is out!

Hello everyone! We have posted Casper Suite 8.63. This release specifically addresses an issue with Restricted Software: Due to encoding issues in the JSS, the jamf binary was treating special characters as wildcards in restricted software processes....  View more

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Automatically Update Safe Downloads List

Am I right in thinking that with this option ticked under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Advanced that this enables the XProtect.meta.plist file to be updated by Apple? We had this update today to a minimum version of Java that isn't actua...  View more

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OT - JAVA 1.7 u11 Blocked today?

I am getting the error:The version of “Java” on your system does not include the latest security updates and has been blocked. To continue using “Java”, download an updated version from Oracle’s website. I am running 1.7u11. I found two posts earlier...  View more

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Calculate Home Directory Sizes in Self Service

Had a couple of occasions where laptop users are on SSD's and they run out of space Thought i would share this #!/bin/bash # Get the currently logged in user user=`ls -l /dev/console | cut -d " " -f4` # Calculate the users home folder sizes sizeU=`su...  View more

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Adobe Reader XI EULA & Default File Extension.

Does any one know how I can package this in Casper to stop it from prompting the user to agree to the EULA and if they wish to make Reader the default PDF viewer? I have tried taking a snapshot with these setting already picked but it still seems to ...  View more

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Methods for deploying MS Office 2011 14.3 Update

We already have an Office 2011 14.2.5 pkg we created with Composer and deliver via Self-Service, and is also part of our config in Casper Imaging. I am wondering how admins are handling the updates that come out, as in the recent 14.3 from 14.2.5. Wh...  View more

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Remotely deleting local accounts without MDM

Hello everyone, I find that MDM more often than not is not working properly when I need to delete remote workers accounts. Does anyone have any useful solutions for deleting user accounts in remote offices without signing in as the hidden admin, with...  View more

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Off Topic: Adobe CS6 maintenance discontinued.

Hi all - just thought I would pass this along to the list, since Adobe is my most favorite vendor these days. We received this guidance from SHI when preparing budget numbers for our next fiscal year: Due to the release of Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe...  View more

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Changing Desktop BackGround on the Fly.

We have set it up for a certain user to send out messages to our other users via casper. This user has asked if we can make the message more pronounced by changing the desktop pattern of the end-user until they acknowledge the message, which then ret...  View more

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Computer name disabled in System Preferences/Sharing

Just noticed on two recently imaged machines that I cannot change the computer name from the Sharing system preference, no matter which user I'm logged in as. Where you'd normally type is greyed out and the machines register in the JSS as "localhost"...  View more

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10.8 Netboot - shadow files huge - help

A week or 2 ago I added a 10.8 Netboot to our imaging options. Today, I realized one of our servers was out of space. Looks like the shadow files created from the 10.8 Netboot set are huge - over 1.5 gigs each. With our 10.7x Netboots, shadow files w...  View more

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Trouble enrolling iOS devices in JSS

Hi, Has anyone observed odd behavior during the JSS enrollment process of iOS devices? We are seeing weird things, in which devices do not always get the normal three profiles (CA, MDM, Self-Service), even though the final installation message on the...  View more

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magic disappearing dept/building config

General query on Linux JSS 8.62. Anyone else have random spontaneous loss of a mac's department and/or building configuration? If so, what did you find it was? A quick check of our database shows nothing wrong.  View more

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OHIO - JAMF User Group?

I am looking to gauge the interest of other JAMF Admins in the Buckeye State. I have space in Columbus, and would like to start something up.  View more

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Best way to create hidden admin account

Under Management > Polices one can create a policy that create a new admin account. How can this account then become hidden in OS X, Sys Prefs > Users & Groups, as to prevent users from seeing / and or deleting the account. Thanks in advance. John  View more

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