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Jamf Pro 11 Beta is Now Available!!

Hello Jamf Nation! If you haven’t heard the news, Jamf Pro 11 is here! Featuring a new interface, ADDE, DDM software updates for iOS, and more! How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at account.jamf.com. Once enrolled...  View more

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Jamf Pro Beta Server Maintenance

Hello all! Access to the personal Beta instances you are able to request when you join the Jamf Pro Beta Program will be unavailable for an extended period of time over the coming weeks for maintenance. We'll let you know when they're back online! Th...  View more

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One Mac will not connect to JSS or SSL sites post build

Hi all, We have one MacBook that will boot to NetBoot, then re image. However on first boot the first run script does not run & if you manage to login to it you can only connect to port 80 websites. Trying to connect to the JSS or any port 443 site r...  View more

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How to clone Apple's Recovery Partition.

How do you go about creating an image from a newer MacBook's recovery partition? The one JAMF made when we first had JSS installed a year and a half ago has been working fine up until the latest refresh of MacBook Airs. It shows the grey circle with ...  View more

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802.1x Wireless Logon Failure

The Problem: New user enters Active Directory credentials to login via 802.1x WiFi. The yellow indicator stays on for 2 minutes, then the screen shakes indicating a failed authentication. If I immediately press the Return key, the login will proceed ...  View more

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Enrollment issues with LDAP and the JSS

Stellar beings, I am writing you because we recently did a mass enrollment with LDAP users enrolling via the JSS enroll url, and it was failing. Tomcat settings were adjusted to allow for as many as 150 simultaneous enrollments (18G RAM dedicated to ...  View more

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Can't view criteria for some smart groups

For some smart groups, I can view and edit the criteria. For others, however, I cannot see the existing criteria. I can add new ones, but I can't do anything with the existing ones. Here is what I see: Anybody have a fix?  View more

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Changing users to admins

Hi Everyone! Our district just decided to move to MacBooks and iOS devices for teachers and other staff, and we'll be moving on to 1-to-1 later in the year. We've imaged 800 MacBook airs (13 inch, Mid 2013), and at the time my staff agreed that only ...  View more

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Remove JDS

I would like to remove a JDS install, not only from the JSS using the GUI, but also the jamfds binary and associated files. I would assume a sudo jamfds -removeFramework would exist, but this command failed. Any ways of removing a JDS from a server? ...  View more

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JSS Certificate Communication Hit or Miss

Hello All, Somewhat a new-be when it comes to JAMF and the Casper Suite but I have been using it for about a year so I know my way around it, or I think I do. So were running JSS v 8.63 with the option for certificate based communication off. I am ge...  View more

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Packaging Classic Screensaver

I'm looking for the best way to deploy the "Classic" photo screensaver through Self Service. I've looked at managed preferences, but I can't let users control the deployment or initiate their own installs on MCX deployments. Unfortunately these speci...  View more

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Did Casper 9 upgrade break my mobile mdm?

Over the weekend, I upgraded to Casper 9. I just looked at one of my test iPads, and I see a my self service webclip which has a custom icon is just a blank icon. Usually that means the device is not talking to the MDM, which I am guessing may be som...  View more

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Ideas for Managing iOS Mail Settings

We are starting our first 1:1 iPad Initiative. I'd like to make it as easy as possible for 3rd graders (etc) to use the iOS mail app. I know there is a mail payload available for profiles. But I am wondering about the practicality of how this is impl...  View more

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Search Results v9

Overall I like the changes in v9. But the search results lists, not so much. If I want to see more results at once, I have to fiddle with the "Show" drop down. In previous version, I had a nice, easy-to-read formatted list of all of my results.Each r...  View more

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Removing admin rights from managed mobile accounts?

Hi Everyone, We have a group of imac users who have been abusing their admin privs. IT management would like me to find a way via casper to remove admin privs from these users accounts. These users are all on managed mobile accounts authenticated via...  View more

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CRUD Operation Error after Casper 9.0 upgrade

I am receiving a lot of errors now that say "CRUD Operation Error" or "Error running recon: No content was returned by the JSS" This is after my upgrade to Casper 9.0 is there anything special I need to do on my clients post upgrade?  View more

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