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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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10.8 Active Directory - AD groups disappearing

Hey Guys, We are experiencing a problem in 10.8 where a users AD groups disappear. You can run an id on the user at the terminal and it will not pull the proper groups. But then some times they will then come back? We notice this most with users on V...  View more

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Replication Issue

i'm having an issue with an image showing as abc.sparseimage (4.27 gigs) hence when I go to image a machine it's not imaging properly as it's also showing abc.dmg (1.2 megs) and the dmg practically has nothing in it. Anyone seen this before and how I...  View more

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Don't allow apps to re-open at login in 10.9?

We have some generic account used by different people, like a "student" account that is used by all of our elementary students. If a user opens a ton of apps, logs out and doesn't uncheck the "Re-open windows when logging back in" option, all of thes...  View more

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script or EA to check to see if the Firewall is on?

I have a backup app called NetWorker Recover that I need to update on a bunch of Macs. The problem is, if the firewall is turned on, the user will get prompted to allow or deny connections to the app. Is there a way to find out if the firewall is tur...  View more

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Managing 'Local Items' and/or 'iCloud' Keychain

Does anyone have any experience managing/modifying the 'Local Items'/'iCloud' keychains via the command line? I currently have a shell script, offered via Self Service, which utilizes 'security' CLI which looks at the login.keychain, finds items that...  View more

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Configuration Profiles on Virtual machines

I'm trying to get some profiles on my VM's, running on a esxi platform. when i make a empty profile at system level it get's pushed fine to my "regular clients" MBP etc. the profiles never appear in my VM's. i tried to jamf removeMDMProfile jamf mana...  View more

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Changing Active Directory password on command line

I'm in the process of putting together a script which is a sort of "all in one" thing for checking expiry and changing passwords. I know password changes can be done through the System Preferences GUI, but I was hoping on a method to do it via a scri...  View more

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Setting Safari behavior

Hi All, I am trying to set the homepage for Safari and also have Safari open new windows and tabs to open to the homepage. I've found the commands to set everything (jamf setHomePage etc, defaults write com.apple.Safar NewWindowBehavior and NewTabBeh...  View more

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Updating iMovie, iPhoto, etc... w/o tied to Apple ID

I am curious how people handle updating the "iLife apps" in an enterprise environment. I would like to push via policy the newest iMovie/iPhoto apps without it being tied to an Apple ID. Is that possible or does each device/user have to update the ap...  View more

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Custom Text Field EA filled in with a script?

Hey everyone. I made a custom Extension Attribute that is a blank text field. I would like to write a script that fills that field in during imaging. How would one call this custom field and fill it? Thanks!  View more

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Disable JSS 9 localization

Hi guys,is there any way to completely disable the JSS 9 localizations? The German translation is, as far I can see, wild guessed, presumably translated with google translator or babelfish and in many cases almost incomprehensible. As an example, in ...  View more

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Data backup question (rsync)

Hi I would like to find a way that we can start backing up users data using rsync. The way the business would like it to work is the following. Backup the source DATA folder up from each users Mac to a destination SMB share using rsync The destinatio...  View more

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OS X 10.9 cannot screen share without asking

Hi all,I'm trying to do some testing with Casper 9.21 and OS X 10.9. I cannot remote control Macs without asking, even if i have the right for Casper Remote: Screen Share with Remote Control Without Asking.Does anyone know how to fix this?Regards,joe  View more

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JSS 9.21 replication failures

I'm setting up new SMB distribution point (AFP is not an option) on a v9.21 JSS and while trying to replicate I will frequently get the following error. ERROR: Cannot copy Dummy_Package.dmg (Dummy Package) because it does not exist on the master dist...  View more

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CCA training in India ?

The organization that I work for may have the need to train staff in India this next year, and we might be able to play host for a week at our office in Nodia, just outside of New Delhi. Would anyone else be interested? I have no further details or t...  View more

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Management of bandwidth used by Casper

We are on the cusp of rolling out Mavericks to our users and our Network Admin is getting concerned about the strain of sending 1100 5.5GB packages ( almost 6TB! ) OTA. I did a little searching, but was unable to ascertain how/if Casper manages bandw...  View more

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JDS not deploying DMG files via casper imaging

When I use casper imaging and select a JDS server. It runs through the workflow but when it reboots, I just get the flashing folder with a ?. I've tried multiple known-working OS dmg files, all do the same thing. It looks as if only the pkg files are...  View more

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Packaging

I would like to get some advices in regards to how to properly package Adobe Photoshop CS6. I've tried multiple methods but all of them would give me an error.. here are my scenarios: I've used AAMEE 3.1 to get the pkg file. I've uploaded it to Caspe...  View more

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