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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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JAMF Casper Tool Set

Hello all! I am looking for someone who is experience in supporting the JAMF Casper tool set for a position I have open with a Metro Detroit Marketing Agency. If you are interested, please email me at dalexander@otterbase.com for more information. Th...  View more

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Packaging VueScan

I can't for the life of me find out where VueScan is storing its serial number information. I've used Composer 8.7 to scan for file differences to create a package and all that shows is the Application itself (of course) and a vuescan.ini and vuescan...  View more

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iOS 7 VPP Changes and Casper Suite

With iOS 7 being released today, I thought I would ask if anyone had any details on the VPP changes that are supposedly coming. AND if/when/how Casper Suite will incorporate the VPP changes. Assuming that MDM solutions even need to make changes I gue...  View more

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JDS replication to child JDS

Does anyone know the process that is invoked when a parent JDS is replicated to a child JDS? We can replicate the JSS to the parent JDS with Casper Admin,but the next step which is supposed to be automatic replication from parent JDS to child JDS doe...  View more

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Updating to 9.0.1

We are curious if anyone else is running into issues with their update to JSS 9.0.1 or if we are doing something wrong. Here is a list of what we are finding so far: App icons are all set to strange and random icons (see attached file) When I add a n...  View more

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Self Service Policy Only available over Ethernet

I have a script which will remove our old Wireless SSID and add our NEW wireless SSID with password. I would like to make this available through self service. But I would only like the this Self service Policy only to be available if the computers ar...  View more

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Office 2011 and SMB Network Home Directories

HiI hope I did not miss an existing discussion on that - my apologies in advance. After an all-mac server/client environment I got a new challenge to look after:All file - services are on Windows2008R2. Authentication is over ActiveDirectory. The Mac...  View more

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AD users and errors with Home directory creation

Clients are OS X 10.8.4, bound to AD with non-mobile accounts. When a user logs in for the first time, instead of creating a Mail, Calendar, Keychain folders (all folders that aren't in the User Template) in /User/Library, 0kb files are created inste...  View more

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Countdown timer for system reboots?

Hi folks, I'm looking for an elegant way to keep a running countdown timer on the screen for when we schedule a system reboot (usually a one-hour timer). I could probably hack something together (like a constantly-refreshing CocoaDialog window) and h...  View more

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Custom trigger in 9.01????

Hey fellas.. I've setup a custom trigger in JSS 9.01 called "Q3Updates" I've tried manually triggering it from the terminal using the following commands jamf policy Q3Updatesjamf policy -trigger Q3Updates Each time it says there are "no policies trig...  View more

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Unable to install known-good DMG

I've had a policy and FileMaker Pro package that has been working for years until the latest updates to the Casper Suite. Now any time it attempts to run the policy and install the dmg it fails and says it can't find the package. First thing I tried ...  View more

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User Interaction in version 9

Just seeing if anyone has tested the new User Interaction tab of a policy in Casper 9? Testing this morning with an existing policy and a new policy to see if this could replace having to use an extra script with displayMessage or jamfHelper. My poli...  View more

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Lost a feature going from 8.71 to 9.01

Previously, I was able to see synced mobile devices on an enrolled macbook.After the upgrade, I cannot - or I am not looking in the right spot. Collect last backup date/time for managed mobile devices that are synced to computers is check marked for ...  View more

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Recommendations for VM

Just asking what others have as setup on VM's with the Casper suite. Trying not to allocate beyond what is reasonably needed. At the moment our setup is as below: Redhat 6.4CPU 2 with 2 cores per CPU4GB ram500GB HDD This is for - JSS, JDS and ASUS  View more

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Admin Accounts and the Sudoers list

Hey All, I am not sure how possible this is, but I am looking for a way to have admin user on a system, but to remove them from the Sudoers list - more or less, I want them to be able to do more or less what they like on the system in so far as insta...  View more

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Error: The package (xyz.pkg) could not be found

I randomly face an issue where a client machine is unable to locate packages / scripts during the 'Thin Imaging' process. Here is a blurb from two of the logs.. you will see that packages are installing fine, then it errors on a single package, and i...  View more

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Admin report

I have a dept that's requesting a list of all the users with local admin rights on their boxes...is there a way to pull that info? I have their network segment setup to correspond to their building location, which gives me the department machines, bu...  View more

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JNUC Mini Events and scheduling

For anyone planning Mini Events this year and wondering about timing, the JNUC schedule will be similar to last year. Monday and Tuesday evenings are completely open for Mini Events. Sessions will run from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM each day. On Wednesday nig...  View more

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