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Jamf Pro 10.39.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation,Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.39.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.39.1 release notes here. Cloud Upgrade ScheduleYour Jamf Pro server, including any free sandb...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.40.0 Beta is Now Available!

Hey Jamf Nation,We're pleased to announce Jamf Pro 10.40, which has a huge amount of enhancements and fixes we think you're going to love! Deployment status is now viewable for App Installers, removing the need to create a patch report. Additionally,...  View more

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HTTPS distribution

I'm trying to switch the distribution point from HTTP to HTTPS, but when a policy executes I get an error saying that the script could not be found on the server. If I copy the URL from the error straight into a browser, it downloads the script. Am I...  View more

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10.7.4 update via policy/SSI

I'm trying to make it possible to deploy the 10.7.4 update via SSI - I've uploaded the DMG to the JSS - but wasn't sure if it was more appropriate to upload the pkg. I've attempted to install via policy and SSI - but no luck so far. Logs show that th...  View more

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802.1x profiles

Yesterday I had to go to a remote site because their 10.6.x systems were having problems connecting to wireless. Upon investigation I found they had a lot of 802.1x profiles setup. Is there a way to programatically erase the profiles and reset new on...  View more

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Composer installing in /root/applications

Hi, I have made a Firefox package via Composer 8.5.2. I have tried pkg and dmg. I have used the drag and drop method and the built in diffs. Every time I try and install the package it installs it in /root/applications and not /applications. What hav...  View more

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Computer Lab Usage Reporting

Hi all I would like to be able to leverage the data in Casper to obtain some information about the usage patterns of our computer labs on campus. Each computer record has logs for login/logout events, which would be a good starting point for when a c...  View more

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Two Macs Fighting for the Same JSS Computer ID

I have two MacBook Airs that are duking it out for the same JSS computer ID. The first laptop was enrolled a few months ago, while the other one is brand new. When the new laptop is enrolled, it grabs the JSS ID from the older laptop. If I enroll the...  View more

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Off Topic - self encrypting drives

I've begun a little searching for info on the use of self-encrypting drives in Macs, as we have a looming encryption need coming up. We're looking at the usual FDE products (Sophos, Credant, CheckPoint, others?, Lion + FileVault), but curious about h...  View more

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Lion 10.7.3 image creation for Casper 8.43

Nation, I have recently upgraded from Casper 8.1 to 8.43 in order to deploy Lion. I have yet to be successful in creating an image for Mac OS 10.7.3 that will deploy via Casper. I am trying to create a full image and capture it for deployment. The im...  View more

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Scripts on 10.7.4

I set certain settings with script policies through the JSS but on a device loaded with 10.7.4 there are a few that are failing with this error. Script Result: sh: /private/tmp/ScriptName.sh: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Operation not permitted The only...  View more

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Composer flat package problem

I'm having problems with composer's flat packages. I've always used regular pkg's in the past, but I'm converting to SMB shares for Casper, so I thought I'd start switching over to DMG and flat packages to simplify replication.So, my first test flat ...  View more

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Set Extension via script/policy

I created an extension attribute called EcoreVersion that I"ve been populating. But what I'd like to be to do is update the attribute via script and policy. So when we release a new update I can update the extension. That way I can create a smart gro...  View more

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Safari 5.1.7 - Disables out of date Flash

After figuring out how to block Firefox from blocking what they deem unsafe this week, the latest Safari download now boasts blocking out of date flash versions. Is anyone aware of a way to disable this? I'm not against pushing new flash updates - bu...  View more

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More NilObjectException Errors

I followed to a T the instructions creating a minimal netinstall image and captured it using Composer, then used SIU to create the netboot image. I also enabled diskless netboot for the NBI. When I boot to it and launch Casper Imaging the selected co...  View more

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Failed Login to Self Service and MDM Enroll

I'm getting a weird issue where some of our AD users aren't able to login to Self Service or to the MDM enroll process.It doesn't appear to be limited to any users from a particular OU or group. It looks to be random. I was thinking of checking the J...  View more

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Mac Software Updates

Has anybody tried / seen the littleboyblue package / scripts for software updates? Supposedly it gives a popup that checks if there are updates, if none then it exits silently, if it finds any it prompts the user to either schedule or do the install ...  View more

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