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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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SetupAssistant.plist bypass

Since the other threads are a little long in terms of upgrading to 10.9 through Self Service. I'd like to branch this off to discuss bypassing the AppleID setup. I tried modifying this script that was found on this board with the keys from my SetupAs...  View more

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[OT] Mavs 10.9 13a603 build

Has anybody noticed more instability from 13a598 to 13a603? On a couple of test boxes, I've had hot corners not working (requiring a reboot) and the external BlueTooth trackpads gestures stop working (basic functions work, but swipes and zoom didn't)...  View more

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Supervision Mode

Before supervision mode was made available via the Apple Configurator we had deployed around 500 iPads using JAMF. Our iPad rollout is 1:1 with student and teachers. We've recently started using the VPP program for our students and teachers to downlo...  View more

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Branding Self Service

When we first started using Casper earlier this year, my boss asked me if it possible to "brand" Self Service. I dug into JSS and was able to customize the icons and rename the app to 3Ci Self Service. Now that we've upgraded to version 9.2, the bran...  View more

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Updating app entries in self service catalog

We've mainly been using Configurator to deploy our VPP apps. I would like to start migrating over more to using our Casper Suite for either remote or Self Service installs. A month or so ago I added iMovie (v1.4.2) and assigned 30 redemption codes. I...  View more

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Show self service item only after package is cached

In thinking about the upgrade to Mavericks for my group of teachers who are my "test" people, I want to have the Install OS X Mavericks cache to their machine prior to them running the policy in Self Service to install the cached package. However, I ...  View more

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Communications with APNs

I'm trying to document the communications flow between Casper, APNs, and the client. The only thing I'm not clear on is the interaction between the client and APNs. Does APNs notify the client, or is the client checking in with APNs on a regular inte...  View more

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Upgraded to 10.9

external image link Upgraded to 10.9 now I get this, I don't want to upgrade Casper to the latest version yet, we are on 8.71 any fixes?  View more

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FYI: Xprotect/Gatekeeper and Safari 6.1

Safari 6.1 seems to require the presence of the Gatekeeper Xprotect manifest (/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/XProtect.meta.plist). If your previous approach to preventing Apple from disabling Java via this mechanism ...  View more

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No Network Home After Mavericks Update?

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? We threw Mavericks onto a few test machines last night, all of which are bound to AD. Problem is, after upgrading, the network home folders don't mount. Our 10.8 and 10.7 clients still work fine. Unbinding/Bi...  View more

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Mavericks and Symantec Endpoint Protection

As far as I can tell, 12.1 RU4 will be the first version to officially support Mavericks. We have to use SEP here, and we have 12.1 RU2. Does 'officially' mean something different than it will or will not work? I am just wondering how others will dea...  View more

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Email Notification for Restricted Software

We configured Restricted Software to block the Mavericks install. We are not receiving the email notifications concerning who attempted to run the install. We have successfully tested the SMTP email test in the SMTP Server settings. Any ideas on how ...  View more

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mavericks netboot image

Anyone had any issues creating a 10.9 net boot image? I ask because System Image Utility on any OS is refusing to accept my .dmg as a valid source.  View more

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Safari v6.1 and Casper Managed Preferences

It does not seem that Managed Preferences via Casper are honoring the settings entered into them for (com.apple.safari) since the 6.1 upgrade. Is anyone else seeing this? We are running 8.64, due to not wanting to upgrade to 9.x as yet due to issues ...  View more

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10.9 being offered in software updates

So it appears 10.9 is being offered as a software update. Has anybody had a chance to look into that at all? If you have a policy to install updates automatically does it install 10.9? This could be bad.  View more

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Modifying Cisco Anyconnect installer

It's me again! I wanted to know if anyone has a quick way to modify the Cisco anyconnect installer pkg to include the default VPN server info so the user does not need to add this themselves and pretty much makes it a zero configuration install. I do...  View more

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