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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Deploying ScreenTime for Flash created ScreenSavers?

Anyone got any tips for Deploying ScreenTime for Flash created ScreenSavers? Ours seems to work intermittently. I've packaged the screen saver from ~/Library/Screen Savers/ & deployed using FEU/FUT's. I've also deployed the flash trusted files file i...  View more

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Correct Active Directory Search Paths?

Hello, I've been troubleshooting "slow login times" for some AD bound systems in the corporate environment. I've stumbled upon a oddity that I'd like some clarification on. The AD search paths differ from client to client in my environment. New macs ...  View more

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null group error..

Has anyone seen this and/or found a resolve? Many of our users are seeing the error "makesqueue is trying to modify the printer settings. Type the name and password of a user in the "(null)" group to allow this." when attempting to add a printer and ...  View more

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CS6, Profiles and Application Restrictions

Hi all We have upgraded to Adobe CS6 and have a profile with Application Restrictions on our client machines. When running any CS6 application a prompt 'You dont have permission to use the application "adobe_licutil." The system.log shows the path to...  View more

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Keeping up With Apple

This is more of a general question, one of my jobs is OS X image maintenance, I have found hardware changes and image maintenance to be a bit chaotic with Apple, for example we order a few new retina macbook pros because someone asks for them and whe...  View more

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Boston-area JAMF User's Group

The Iowa group post got me thinking that having a Boston area group would be really great. Myself, I focus in high-security environments but I wouldn't want to limit to any particular user area. Depending on size, we can have sub-groups and areas of ...  View more

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In-App Purchases

How is everyone handling In-App purchases? We are trying to figure out a way to centrally manage these purchases but have found no solution thats viable.  View more

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iPad Model Descriptors

Hi All, is it possible to change the iPad model descriptors? I'd prefer to have something more descriptive than iPad3,4 or iPad3,6 etc. Cheers,Chris.  View more

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jamf binary

Sanity check -- several versions back - you used to be able to run "jamf recon" without sudo. But it appears (I think since 8.4) that sudo is required for jamf recon. Is it just me? Or is this the same for everyone?  View more

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Select machines hanging at logout

Taking 4-5 minutes to log out. Unenroll them, and they logout fine. I've unchecked checking for policies at login/logout to resolve the issue temporarily, but I don't have any policies running at login/logout. Any tips are appreciated.  View more

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Difference between caching and install cached copy

Trying to setup an upgrade policy via https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=173 Not sure whether to set the dmg to install, cache, or install cached copy. About half of my users are remote and rely on less than reliable network connecti...  View more

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AAMME, CS6, installPKGfromDMG, error: what am I missing?

We are late to the CS6 table, but hopefully it will be good practice for CS7. ;-) I am attempting to use the installPKGfromDMG.sh method (which seems promising) of installing Design and Web Premium CS6, but it seems it will not mount when done from t...  View more

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Deploying Mountain Lion via Self Service

I have followed instructions at https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=173 and for the most part had reasonable success. I did encounter the issue where casper management account was deleted during the upgrade process. However, I managed...  View more

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Removing EFI password via policy not working

Hi, I set a EFI password via policy and it worked great, now I need to re-image some machines and I would like to remove the EFI password for easier imaging. I figured all I had to do was create a policy, and under the Accounts you choose "Set EFI Pa...  View more

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Configurator - Preparing with Bretford tray/cart

We have been happily managing shared classroom iPads with iTunes and not Configurator thus far. I have avoided Configurator because we don't like the lack of flexibility with VPP app codes (we have iPads that get damaged that I wouldn't be able to re...  View more

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HP Printer Driver package version numbers

As far as I can tell, the previous version of the HP printer driver package (v2.11) has the same internal number as the latest driver package (2.12). I am seeing that both of them report back as Has anybody else seen this? Is a...  View more

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Dual OS management in single machine

Hi, Can anyone let me know how to handle two OS (Snow Leopard/Lion/M Lion) in single machine? I am running the recon on either of OS the details of another OS is getting overwritten. Please help. Regards,Anil  View more

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Self Service apps won't install onto iPad 3

When I first got Self Service through school on my iPad all apps downloaded straight away except for two but ever since none of the applications are installing. When I click install it stays stuck on 'Your app install should begin shortly.' No popup ...  View more

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Keychain Folder not properly created.

Hello all, first post here. Using casper imaging to deploy 10.8.2 and running into a slight problem. Computers image successfully and Bind to AD. If I login with Local Admin account all is fine. When I login with an AD account, I get a Login Keychain...  View more

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