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Mac mapping drive script

Hi Everyone Do anyone have best mapping drive script that could share with me. I would like script that do similar like windows mapping script.that is when a user loggin (using windows AD account) Mac then it auto mount that user home drive and staff...  View more

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Configuration Profiles Upload

Hi Everyone I am new to the forum, new to Casper suite and newbie of Mac world. Could anyone help me out where could i get the configuration profiles file to upload into the configuration profiles.Thank you in advance  View more

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802.1X Wireless Login Window Authentication

I've just had my first successful 802.1X wireless login window authentication on 10.7.x. My .mobileconfig consisted of adding a certificate payload, and a network payload. The certificate is literally a drag and drop event. The network configuration ...  View more

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Policy History shows only partial list

Any ideas on the following. When checking the status of a policy (by selecting "View Status") only about 30 computers are listed and the rest fails to load. There is still a "Transferring data from jss" notice in the browser but it never completes th...  View more

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MCX: Show a message when the screen is locked

Hi Guys, Any idea how to have the setting: Show a message when the screen is locked that can be found under the security preferences pane, enforced via mcx? I've the loginwindow text either enforced via MCX or a config profile, yet this setting is no...  View more

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Get RealName of Current Logged in User

What is the best way to get the RealName of the current logged in user? I am writing an Extension attribute to call an AD group and if the AD group contains a match of the real name of the logged in user to that of the AD group then you receive a Yes...  View more

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Script to copy contents of folder

Hello, I am interested in a script that would copy a folder and its contents of that folder from the local computer to a share point located on an xserver. Because this script would be run on multiple user computers, it is necessary that the script a...  View more

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Disable Saved Application States OS X Lion

Folks, I have been messing about with this for a few days and it has done my nut in, but finally got it to work just like I want it so I decided to share the joy. I set out to do 2 things, (1) Disable this "Saved Application States" lion brought as i...  View more

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Distribution Point Replication

I've just setup a new distribution point using FreeNAS running an AFP share. I was looking for a way to do scheduled syncing between the master and this point, however I can't seem to find it as all documentation seems to point to it having been remo...  View more

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Renewing 802.1x Certs on the Client

Hi Everyone, Anyone who is using 802.1x authentication has gone through the cert renewal process? Our expiration date is coming up shortly and we are trying to come up with a way to push out a new certificate, without breaking the existing authentica...  View more

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Plist injection from network source

I have a feeling that I am going about this ALL wrong, but I have isolated a plist file for some custom settings for a networked device. I currently have the Plist on a thumb drive, and I don't know how to go about getting it from my thumbdrive up to...  View more

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Packaging Xcode 4.3

There seem to be some significant changes to the way Xcode 4.3 needs to be packaged for deployment compared to earlier releases. I just helped a customer through this process and wanted to share our process: 1) Packaging Xcode.app: Xcode 4.3 is distr...  View more

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New iLife '11 Diff for Composer 8.43

All- I packaged up the brand new updated versions of iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband just released by Apple with a modified Diff file that I created. Keep an eye on https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/viewProduct.html?id=14&view=packageManifests I've s...  View more

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rsync monitoring

Just wanted to know, how everyone is monitoring their rsyncs to Distribution Points. I've currently got mine going to a log file, but wanted to know if anyone has done more then this? I want to be able to add date stamps to each sync but not manage t...  View more

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MCX user rights

I looking for away to be able to use Managed Preferences with Casper , and have the a local admin not become Managed. Currently I am using AD to get user account login info and I would like to be able to give different user different preferences when...  View more

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Deploying a Lotus Notes upgrade

I'm having trouble finding a way to quit the existing Notes app. if it's already running. I can't use a login/logout policy since many users rarely do that, sigh. Anyway, Notes does not respond to 'killall Notes' because it runs in Eclipse, and 'kill...  View more

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Restrict Software during school hours only

I want to restrict student use of a software package but only while they are at school. When I add the software to the restricted software, this restricts the software use at home as well. Is there somewhere I can configure this?  View more

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AAMEE 2.1 & CS5 = FAIL

i've spent waaaaaay too much time trying to figure this out but here's the short n' sweet: we can't use the latest AAMEE (v2.1) to create reliably workable pkg's that we can deploy via ARD or Casper... or that even run manually. we've tried 3 or 4 di...  View more

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How to Best Design a Global JSS rollout?

Hey JAMFNation First time poster, long time lurker. I have a question regarding a client that wants to roll out a JSS to multiple locations worldwide. For example, a sampling of the sites included for this rollout include the US, and the UK. Each sit...  View more

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Deletion of home folders at logout in a lab

Running some labs of 10.6 Macs bound to AD with external accounts activated. Users can choose to create their home folders on the boot volume or some form of external media. The boot volumes in all cases are "/Volumes/Macintosh HD". Anyone have a scr...  View more

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Recon Filed

I am trying to run Recon to add a 10.7 computer to JSS. When I run Recon I get an error. "Recon failed to submit to the JSS ... Error enrolling Machine: Peer Certificate can not be authenticated with know CA certificates" I Mac is in JSS as I manuall...  View more

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Configuration Profiles and 10.7 Clients

I'm thinking of trying to use the built in Configuration Utility in the JSS does anyone have any pitfalls to look out for or best practices that they developed? We are currently using a login window profile built in iPCU and modified manually and ins...  View more

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Managing Lync 2011's settings?

Anyone able to manage Lync 2011's setting via JAMF MCX? Or via /Library/Preferences/MicrosoftLyncRegistrationDB.plist? Or /User/currentuser/Library/Preferences/ByHost/MicrosoftLyncRegistrationDB..plist? The below link give the managed prefs, & me a h...  View more

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Apple Configurator App for iOS

Today Apple Released Apple Configurator App (although it is still not showing up in my Mac App Store yet) external image link This is a tool I got to play with at WWDC way back in June of last year. I was under NDA so I could not discuss how cool it ...  View more

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