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Jamf Nation

Who else is disappointed in how jamf nation now works. not a fan.Also why did you remove the third-party-product page with all the software titles and download links.  View more

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Help with 2nd NDES server for Jamf SCEP profiles.

I've done a ton of searching and still haven't come up with the answers I need. I'm looking for a document/web page that tells me exactly how to setup a 2nd NDES server with App Proxy and get it working with Jamf, including how to setup the config pr...  View more

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Package Download Fails after first time

Hi All, Having an issue where if I upload a new package in JAMF admin and create and deploy a policy through JAMF Pro it downloads and installs the package the first time, but if it fails or if I need to rerun it will fail every time with the below e...  View more

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Mobile account username has changed

This is so weird, happened to four users in my org in the last few days.All are on Macs, bound to AD with mobile accounts.AD account usernames are all first initial and last name (eg jdoe) but for some reason I'm getting reports that the usernames ha...  View more

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Anaconda in Lab

Just wondering if anyone has set up Anaconda in a Lab environment?I keep getting people wanting to use it but can't get my head around how to make it work for more than one user  View more

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"Management Action" notification not working

Hi,I'm having a problem with some of my macOS devices not displaying the "User Interaction" notification when staff runs a policy from Self-Servce. Some will display the "Start" and "End" message. Other macs don't display any notifications. When chec...  View more

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 5.42.18 PM.png
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Jamf Teacher Camera Unlock

We are testing out Jamf Teacher and wanting to see if the following functionality is available for our iPads. Through a config profile in Jamf Pro, we have not allowed the use of the camera on student devices. But we still have certain classes that c...  View more

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Unexpected error message

Has anyone encounter this?Http failure response for https://location.jamfcloud.com/uapi/config-profiles/ios/10E18292-480A-4154-B141-539F963CB944: 500 OKThanks  View more

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M1 AD Binding Woes

We are needing to bind some M1 Mac Mini's as well as some iMac's we purchased that will be delivered soon.We're already seeing issues even just binding the Mac Mini's.I realize the baked-in AD integration isn't the best. We've fought with it in the p...  View more

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iphone going through setup after power cycle

Our iphones after we have enrolled them in to jamf are going through the setup again and again if we power cycle them. When we do it displays the setup screen where you select your wifi connection. The NEXT button is highlighted so if you press that ...  View more

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Auto-Update Adobe Creative Cloud Plugins

I have a plugin that updates frequently on CC. Everytime it updates, the user needs an admin password (which for security purposes we do not give). Is it possible to update the plugin automatically without the admin password prompting? I found this t...  View more

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Smart group notification body?

Howdy!Is there any way in Jamf Pro to customize email notifications to have more information in the message body?For example, I've set up a recent smart group to notify me of machines that JSS hasn't seen in over 1 week. It tells me the machine name,...  View more

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Symantec WSS Agent Version Detection

I am wondering if anyone has a solution for detecting an installation of the Symantec(Broadcom) WSS Agent and the version installed? I see with v7.3.5 and above it appears it finally shows in /Applications/ as an app. However older versions do not sh...  View more

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What is Khoros?

What is Khoros? Why does it ask to approve but we can't use the site with out it but we can revoke it at any time?  View more

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Azure AD User Assignments

We are phasing out our local AD server and just using Azure AD with Microsoft A3 Student and Faculty accounts. Is it possible to still assign the user during device setup so that the student/faculty's email is automatically set up? From what I've fou...  View more

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TIL: Sort static group by "checked"

So, was on a call with coworkers, and was modifying a static group. and lamenting how annoying it was to search through the list to find members (if you edit the group). Coworker is like "I think you can, click where the thing should be". I click in ...  View more

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Script to look for specific home folder

Hey everyone. Looking to create a smart group, via an Extension attribute, that looks for every MacOS device that has the home folder 'test'. So /Users/test. Having trouble putting together the script for the extension attribute that can look or ever...  View more

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FileVault not work after 1 july 2021

we need help regarding the Filevault policy, It does not enforce the FileVault enable before it's working fine but from 1 July 2021 it's getting an error. - 1. Escrow Personal Recovery KeyWhen sent to the device, the personal recovery key will be enc...  View more

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