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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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Set Same Wallpaper on Multiple Monitors

I'm trying to apply the same wallpaper image to multiple monitorsI set up the CP / Restriction / Functionality / Lock desktop picture to /Users/Shared/Wallpaper/Wallpaper.jpg It sets the wallpaper on the primary monitor but does not set on the second...  View more

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Retrieve LAPS password straight from the JSS

Hi All, I wanted to share this with you, it's a bookmarklet. https://pro4tlzz.github.io/JamfGetLapsPassword.htmlFollow the instructions on the page to add a button to retrieve the LAPS password straight from the JSS for a computer device. You can als...  View more

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Hi all,I've done a lot of work on creating a LAPS tool of my own which can be found here https://github.com/PezzaD84/macOSLAPS But with the release of 10.49 the JAMF LAPS solution is looking a lot better than initially. So I have created a couple of ...  View more

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In-House eBooks

Hi,i create an In-House eBook which is a pdf file (using hosting location is web server) and i distributed to our organization ipads devices, but the eBook did not deploy to any device its give me an error (The MDM request is invalid) .i read some ar...  View more

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Smart Card Enforcement - Jamf Pro

Happy Friday All, So, I am testing a Smart Card configuration profile to Enforce Smart Card use; more specifically, I am currently testing the Use Case scenario of, what happens if someone loses their Smart Card. So I attempt to remove the profile so...  View more

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JAMF Pro - Bulk Export iPad Information

The networking team for our district is trying to move all of our mobile devices onto a MAC Address whitelisted Wifi network. Is there a way I can export in bulk specific information (like the MAC address) from the Hardware page of each iPad?  View more

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Hidden App and Jamf

Hello, has anyone had any experience with using the Hidden app in collaboration with Jamf? If so, what are some positives/negatives you have encountered? Thanks!  View more

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Service Desk Plus Asset Scans and Jamf

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has had success getting the service desk asset scan to work properly for Macs. I am having a little success with network scanning and running the provided scan script on a single machine. Looking for any advice. T...  View more

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AWS S3 CDP management for Jamf policy deloyment

Hello Team,I never used AWS S3 CDP before, I used standard Jamf cloud CDP, I was just curious to know if the AWS S3 bucket is already integrated with Jamf Pro cloud, then there will be any change in the way to upload a package in S3 CDP for deploymen...  View more

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API to export policy logs

Hello experts. I'm new to jamf and this community so apologies if this has been answered already as I haven't been able to find a recent solution response. I have a policy that enables users to run a script and management wants to know who has run it...  View more

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Does Not continue enrollment in "Remote Management"

Hi Guys. I have a MacBook Air (new) and I manually registered in ABM with Apple Configurator. Then, I registered this device in Jamf (I see it in Prestage), but when I restore and reinstall MacOs (ventura), I select Language, region and wi-fi, the "R...  View more

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Jamf Pro LAPS: Retrieving Password via Terminal

A new function for your ~/.zshrc to retrieve the managed Apple admin account password from Jamf ProBackgroundWith the enhancements included in the recently released Jamf Pro 10.49.0, we decided to take a more serious look at Jamf Pro LAPS.In doing so...  View more

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Stress testing ADCS Connector

I have two connectors, primary and failover that are load balaced. The secondary is set up with the same server and client certs as the primary and they sit behind an F5. The both work individually thanks to input from @bradtchapman I'd like to fire ...  View more

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Can't access Jamf 100 certification

Good morning,I am reaching out to you people since I got ghosted by Customer Success team.Yesterday I bought Jamf 100 exam, Payment when through I got booted out of that login page, money was taken out of my account, I got no confirmation on my e-mai...  View more

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Most management commands missing

Hi, we have a MacOS we enrolled via configurator app and now have it in Jamf. It clearly is getting the profile as settings are restricted, user is set up as standard, profiles are there etc. But most management commands are missing. Also can not run...  View more

sassywookie_0-1691714481037.png sassywookie_1-1691714517358.png
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Device active state?

Was not sure how to title this one. I recently noticed a policy that was pushing a package failing on most devices. They all had the failed package download error. On inspection I found that the devices were actually NOT in use, the users said the de...  View more

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Unable to REMOVE Secure Token from a user

I'm currently working on a workflow to resolve some missing Secure Tokens for users at a client site. Because I don't want to test on production machines, I've got a machine here that I've enrolled in my own Jamf tenant to test against. My issue? I c...  View more

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Jamf Time Zone Error

I see an error quite often when looking at the command history of our IOS devices that reads:"Settings - Time ZoneThe setting being applied is restricted."Any thoughts on what might cause that?Thanks in advance,Rob  View more

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Hi,We recently tested macOSLAPS but could not get it to work without enabling full access to the computer object in AD. Does anyone know which attribute needs to be set in order for the computer to update it's own password in AD? We set the ms-Mcs-Ad...  View more

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Jamf App Catalog vs Packages and Policies

Our current Jamf Pro instance is a mess with unpatched apps missing packages and policies no one has tended to in years. I recently learned about Jamf App catalog and have 8 "Jamf App catalog" apps deploying on my dev server. Besides the known limita...  View more

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Global Protect V6 Multiple Portals

Hi,I am trying to add 2 Portals for Global Protect VPN with a script, but it only shows 1 portal even-though I added the 2do Portal to the script. Is there any other way I can achieve this? or is there is anyone out there using a script to add 2 port...  View more

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