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Bypass New Account Setup Assistant?

Hey Everyone,I'm trying to find a way to suppress the new account setup assistant when logging into accounts for the first time. I'm currently using DEP with a pre-stage deployment profile to bypass the initial setup assistant and log in straight to ...  View more

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iOS - JAMF & Intune Compliance

Hi Nation Just wondering if you can help me out.I'm trying to implement Conditional access and iOS Device Compliance between JAMF Pro Cloud and Intune using Cloud Connector.Here are the steps I have done so far: Conditional Access is ConnectedDevice ...  View more

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PLIST for Google Translator

Hello,we try to run Google-Translate on our IPADs.The App doesn´t use the configured Proxy-Server. So now the idea is, to use a plist-file for this app. Does anybody got such a file as an example? Best regardsRonny  View more

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Help !! inventory preload question..

Reading the documentation about this feature, I'm trying to understand how this works. Seems simple enough, but it's confusing how Jamf implemented this. I believe once the proper CSV file is uploaded, most data is not loaded until an inventory updat...  View more

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Classroom App

We are trying to use the apple classroom app but instead of having each student individually put in a password from the teacher.. we just want to push out the class and have it be on the students computer. Can this be done? Kirk  View more

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Jamf Quick Add 2021

I thought I would share what I have come up with for a new Big Sur and above Quick Add.pkgIf you are not aware Jamf has sunset the Quickadd.pkg in Big Sur due to the profiles command being sunset by Apple in Big Sur. So I created my own quickadd.pkg ...  View more

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Self Service v10.30.3 macOS not connecting

I upgraded to 10.30.3 yesterday and noticed now that my macOS Self Service is not connecting, iOS Self Service is still operational. There is no crash like I've read others experiencing. I am working with support on this, just curious if anyone else ...  View more

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 10.00.03 AM.png
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_mbsetupuser remaining on systems

It's my understanding that _mbsetupuser is the user related to Setup Assistant. However, I've found numerous systems in our environment that still show that user as being in place after the systems have been provisioned. Considering that it's on a sm...  View more

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Help with LaunchD running script

I've been using a process that was developed by macmule. It's mostly still working across the various OS's. However, I'm trying to get it to sync to an external drive rather than an internal drive. When I point the script to the external drive, the s...  View more

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Longer session times in the Forum

Is there a way to extend the session time? I'm having to sign in multiple times a day now. I liked the old forum where I could be logged in for days and not have to worry about my session timing out.  View more

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Jamf wants access to control "System Events" PPPC

Hi,We need to deploy the Xerox Workplace Cloud client, but while doing so it is displaying the message in the title.I've used the PPPC Utility to get rid of it, but it doesn't work.I've build the PPPC as LPARNELL here: https://community.jamf.com/t5/j...  View more

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Jamf Unlock - Intune app configuration

Has anyone managed to setup Jamf unlock with intune?I have distributed the App from Intune to the mobile device - but How can I add it the app configuration to the device. I tried to add it as device configuration, but it just rapport malformed xml. ...  View more

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JAMF Pro and Azure Cloud Identity Integration

We have just started our journey with JAMF Pro, I'm trying to understand at a basic level the best way to support user authentication to allow Automated Device Enrollment with Authentication to stop iPads from being setup without a user assigned. I h...  View more

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Another way to change and deploy Desktop background

Hi Community,I am just sharing here another way of deploying silently a new Desktop Background to Mac computers without using Script install, Desktoppr or a Configuration Profile. This workflow is compatible from Catalina to Monterey Beta.Place your_...  View more

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Prestage Enrollment packages are no longer deploying

Hi all,Our Prestage Enrollment process involves deploying 6 profiles, adding 1 admin account, and installing 4 packages: branding, DEPNotify, Jamf Connect Login, and Jamf Connect Sync. As of 2021-07-09, none of the packages appear to install as part ...  View more

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Okta Device Trust v1.3.1 Deployment Issue

Hey Everyone! Running into a snag with the new v1.3.1 Okta Device Trust registration process. There is nothing wrong with the script, rather i'm running into deployment issues of command line tools (python3). This is the script I'm using to get the c...  View more

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Problem deploying McAfee EPO to bigsur

The installation fails when run via the jamf agent. When I run it via root, or sudo, it succeeds. Seems specific to bigsur as I don't have this problem on 10.14.x. Any suggestions?Log:Installing McAfee EPO bit-64 mktemp: mkdtemp failed on mferFT4AZ: ...  View more

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Big Sur Screensaver will not come on

Just put in a new small lab of 18 machines and they are on Big Sur. Cant get the screensaver to start on any of them no matter what I try. Tried a bunch of different manipulations of configuration profiles with energy saver changes but still no luck....  View more

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Enable Remote Control to Big Sur

Hi,I try to enable Remote Control for Big Sur with a script. I try that : /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/Resources/kickstart -configure -access -on -allowAccessFor -specifiedUsers /System/Library/CoreServices/Remo...  View more

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