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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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Failed Commands

Does Anyone have any idea what this is? DeviceInfoActiveManagedUsers * -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: object cannot be nil What should i Be looking For? Many thanks in Advance  View more

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Jamf Remote + Global Protect (DNS registry)

Hello! We are having some issues using the screen sharing functionality in Jamf Remote when users are not on the company network, but connected with the global protect VPN agent. On our Windows devices, we aren't seeing any issues (we use Goverlan) t...  View more

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Best Practices with Updating .PKG's or .DMG's

Hey JAMF Nation! I usually create my packages using JAMF's snapshot method via Composer and then moving the .PKG or .DMG into JAMF Admin when deploying a package. I'm curious to know if there are any advantages/disadvantages with this method vs other...  View more

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iOS - Hide Shortcuts App

Does anyone know how to hide the Shortcuts app on iOS so it doesn't show up on the Home screen? I've figured out how to hide the other apps I don't want visible, but can't figure out how to hide this one. I've got a Restrictions Configuration Profile...  View more

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Chrome Beta

I am trying to package Chrome Beta to install alone side of Chrome, since both applications use the same working directory as they should not be installed together I am running in to a problem. Running the little script below will let Chrome Beta ope...  View more

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Policy Inadvertently Erasing Significant Data

We've experienced a serious issue where nearly 90 out of about 100 Mac computers have had enough data erased from their volumes, including any attached or mounted network volumes, that they are non-functional. It wasn't a complete volume wipe but a r...  View more

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Inventory-Best practices

We have been using pre-stages to put our purchases each year to certain groups based upon purchasing(PO Or Lease) and when we would replace them. Doing this has caused some issues. when we re-enroll a computer using user-initiated, sometimes we have ...  View more

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Add Chrome shortcuts/apps to Dock?

Hi, at our company we are using G-Suite, which means we primarily want our users to run Gmail in Chrome to get full compatibility. However a lot of the users, including myself, find this not so user friendly as using, for example Outlook, since the g...  View more

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Keep iPad name after erase

We have several iPAds we use to loan to students when they forget or lose their device. What I am trying to do is have them always be named loaner-1, loaner-2, etc. When we receive one back from a student we do wipe it so it is ready for the next stu...  View more

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PKG only works when set on 'reboot'

Hi Nation, I am testing the latest java pkg (v8.241). If it set it on 'after' with any priorities, it doesn't install. If I set it on 'reboot' it installs.looking at my Jamf admin, I can see that previous java packages are set on after with priority ...  View more

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assign computer to local user - yosemite.

Hi Everyone, i have been trying to figure this out all day, and no luck. I have a mid 2011 imac 27" running yosemite that i am trying to enroll. I usually enroll all of my machines with LDAP accounts, but since this one is a photobooth machine just f...  View more

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Ignore Logout Policies

While we make great use of our logout policies, and they work great for us, sometimes we want our users to be able to reboot the computers more quickly, for example when the students want to switch over to our Boot Camp partition. We would love to wr...  View more

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plists issue with catalina

I create a custom plist file, to save some script execution details, on a network drive which I have been creating/modifying with the defaults command. I haven't had any issue with this over several macos versions. Catalina appears to not be creating...  View more

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Disabling JAMF Notifications on Macs

I just took over a jamf environment and doing some clean up. I noticed a few active systems that no longer belong to the company showing up in jamf. I want to remove our profiles and un-manage the system, but I don't want to have the current users se...  View more

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Application & Custom Setting Variants

We're excited to begin using 10.18's new Application & Custom Settings payload to manage our Jamf Connect Login deployment. However, there's one undocumented key that we currently use in order to spruce up our login window by setting BackgroundImageA...  View more

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DEP enrolments with Jamf in DMZ

Hello, We're in the process of placing Jamf in our DMZ for external client access. We already remove devices from our DEP instance when they are retired/e-wasted. However, this isn't a perfect process and I'm sure we'll have a few machines missed alo...  View more

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Upgrade OS

We have around 1k Macs ranging from 10.10 - 10.15 that we would like to update to the newest possible version. We would like to do this as hands off as possible. Preferably after hours with no impact to the end-user. Can we do this with Jamf?  View more

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Policy Deferral Question

I have read all the issues and questions about this, but still have a question about this whole Policy deferral option. I am a JAMF part timer, meaning I was volunteered for getting Jamf running in my company so still learning, but seemed to have ado...  View more

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Single Sign-On Extension for Mobile Devices

I see that JAMF Pro 10.18 introduces Single Sign-On Extension in Configuration Profiles. Has anyone tried this? I am looking and don't see exactly how it should be configured for example have single sign-on for Google (so my GrK - 5 students don't ne...  View more

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