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Jamf Pro 10.45 - Release Notes Video

Customer Education is back again with our second Jamf Pro Release Notes video! Join us for an overview of some of the new features and enhancements that are available in Jamf Pro 10.45. We hope this new resource continues to provide additional detail...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.45 Now Available

Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.45. Highlights of this release include: Google BeyondCorp Enterprise Integration The Google BeyondCorp Enterprise integration now includes the following enhancements: macOS, iOS, and iPadOS platforms are available f...  View more

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Updates to Inbound/Outbound Traffic with Jamf Cloud

As a follow-up to a recent post regarding some additional IP address that have been included in the Outbound traffic from Jamf Cloud, below is a list of the Outbound IP Address that have been added. For a complete list, please see the “Permitting Inb...  View more

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Categorizing links in Self Service

I'm working to make a set of web links available to users through the Self Service macOS app. The links must be categorized within Self Service and open in Chrome (not Self Service). Any suggestions are appreciated! Here's what I've tried so far: Opt...  View more

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NetSUS 5.0 and SSL

Good Afternoon,We're in the process of deploying a new NetSUS server. I'm needing to upload a cert that I've obtained from GlobalSign. On the NetSUS GUI from Settings >System > Certificates > Modify Cert I see:1. Private Key - Simple enough, copy/pas...  View more

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PPPC for CyberArk

Hi all, I'm testing out Mojave 10.14.2 in our corp environment.Jamf Pro: 10.8.0 I've tried the PPPC utility to created the config profile for it.I even created a config profile to white list its kernel extension.I then deployed the profile and the Cy...  View more

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AD CS Certificate Expiration/Renewal - Mobile Devices

Hi all, We're looking to roll out certificate-based wireless to our mobile devices with the AD CS connector (tested and working in our dev and prod environments). Our concern right now is whether or not the AD CS connector, or JAMF itself, will autom...  View more

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PPPC Utility and Custom App created with Platypus

There is a handy program called Platypus that takes scripts (bash, perl, etc) and converts it into a working .app I have a bash script I wrote, imported into Platypus, and created an .app file. I've downloaded the PPPC Utility and attempted to import...  View more

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Hi, This has probably been asked before but I thought of asking. In my environment we have OneDrive which is on the end users machine but hardly used in 85% of the time.So we need to know if there is a way for it create a OneDrive folder to get it co...  View more

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New created accounts policy script

Hi all, Wondering if some of you good wise folk could give some advise on a script i'm trying to run. I'll firstly explain what i'm trying to achieve. When we login via NoLoad i have EnableFDE on, which is fine but the users don't get a securetoken. ...  View more

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Itunes on ipad

after pulling up students history we noticed that itunes was running for a long period of time, students are not supposed to have access to itunes. Does it run in the back ground on ipads? or does it run other apps? Just want to make sure students ar...  View more

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IPad updates.

Hello, We have about ten ipads and I am trying to figure out a way to update them without having to manually go to the iPad after the update. The iPads are in single app mode. The software we are running is called "Team" its for calendar integration,...  View more

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Display username on lockscreen or background?

Hi We will start using jamf very soon and i wonder if it's possible to do the following. On the Ipad display the students full name or username on the lockscreen or the background/wallpapper if the ipad? Username is created in Active Directory/Azure,...  View more

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Apple Configurator Default Supervision Profile

I'm new to apple configurator 2. When I set a phone for supervision, the default profile being applied is called "USB Accessories while locked allowed". Does anyone know how to change that? I'm supervising and then using open enrollment via jamf now....  View more

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10.14.2 FileVault Issue *Enabling other users*

We had a few computers comes from Apple already upgraded to 10.14. The Issue I'm running into is that we can enable FileVault to one user but unable to add it to the administrator which becomes a bigger problem down the road. Also noticed even though...  View more

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Parallels is bought by Corel...

Parallels app for running Windows on a Mac gets new owner "Parallels Desktop is now owned by Corel, which hopefully be for the good of users." - Cult of Mac Like rats on a sinking ship...all their real talent bolted long ago... Heloooo VMWare Fusion ...  View more

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Adding Serial Numbers to Apple DEP

Hi everyone, hope you all are well. I have a question for you guys. I would like to add all of our computers to DEP. I generated all of the serial numbers in Jamf. I tried pasting them in the apple business device assignments. I get an error stating ...  View more

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best way to manage the printer server

Hi Guys, what kind of printer management do you guys use for your environment? We still manually install the driver and configure it with the printer. I am thinking of using either 1 Man Mini Printer Network Sharing or 2. Windows Print Server. Please...  View more

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Disable macOS Screenshots

Hello everyone! We are currently in the process of updating our CA Secure Browsers for the upcoming standardized testing. It looks like the new requirement for the year is disabling screen shotting abilities. Has anybody done this? I'm not sure if it...  View more

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Using Sites with Apple Business Manager.

Hello. My organization is very new to using Apple Business Manager. We have 3 site locations defined within our single JSS. In an attempt to ease imaging, I'm curious what workflow other organizations are using to set computers into specific sites wh...  View more

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Maple 2018.2

Does anyone have a recommended workflow for repackaging Maple 2018, using Composer or similar? Preferably for a networked license server.  View more

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Totally new to JAMF Mojave upgrade

Hi everyone. I am completely new to JAMF. I've gone through several training videos. None of which really give good insight into upgrading a group of computers to Mojave. I have been able to set up Mojave installer to be pushed to the computers as we...  View more

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