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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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Sites and VPP

Hi,I'm testing using the Sites feature in Jamf at our school. It looks like it would be a good fit for our organization and we would have a Lower school site for K-5, Middle school site for 6-8, and Upper school site for 9-12th grade.I could give the...  View more

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Outlook for Mac latest - CPU usage 200%?

I see a client that are running latest Outlook for mac 2019 16.23. 190309 - that all the time have outlook at CPU usage between 50% and 300%. So everything extreme slow I tried to create new mail profile, but did not help ?. Any that have seen this i...  View more

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Unknown profile installed on a Mac laptop

Has anyone ever seen the a profile installed by "tituricsec"? We found it on one of our MacBooks today. The end user had been complaining about Google searches being redirected to Bing. Searching on the Internet for this profile hasn't uncovered much...  View more

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Druva inSync and Enterprise Connect

Anyone have experience deploying inSync with local accounts/Enterprise Connect? We are currently trying the IMD command with success but uploading the CSV for device mappings is a lot less automated then we are used to, and i see a lot of room for hu...  View more

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Script to Un-enrol

Is there a script that can be pushed to a computer that will un-enroll it fully. I know that from the portal you can select 'remove from mdm' however I usually follow that up with going on the device and using the 'jamf removeFramework'. This will no...  View more

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block all mobile device access (unless authorized)

i'm looking to block all mobile devices from even being accessed from macos. not talking about hiding itunes, app store, not just restricting install - completely blocking mobile devices so there's no access from AD accounts from interns or even stan...  View more

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restrict data use by geographic zone

Hi everyone, I am working in a airline company. Each pilot has an iPad for operational purpose (charts, documentation, flight plan, ...). They have a SIM card to grant access and upload the needed data. The fact is, we have a limited coverage with ou...  View more

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Best reimage method for DEP enrollment

What is the best way to wipe and reimage Mac. We are using DEP with JAMF. In our Network Internet recovery is bit slow and have restriction using Thumb drive also. We are using Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.If any Mac requires wipe and reimage to en...  View more

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DEP & Proxy Settings

In order to have any external connectivity, my devices require an explicit proxy setting for outbound traffic. How can this be addressed as part of the setup? In any previous deployment - I've never had to worry about a proxy setting. Since I'm still...  View more

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iOS default account for contacts

I have a group of iPads that all need access to a department-managed contact list. We're accomplishing this right now by using a Google account for shared contacts. We're also pushing everyone's Exchange account via configuration profile. The problem...  View more

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Mac App Store servers for Mojave

Under all previous OSes, I've been able to access the Mac App Store when on our corporate network. I've upgraded a couple Macs to Mojave and I discovered that the Mac App Store is unreachable to them when on the corporate network. If I take a Mac hom...  View more

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Configure 2 addresses for DMZ

Hello, In order to set up a JSS in DMZ, do we have to have only one address accessible internally and externally? Is it possible to have 2 diferent addresses to configure locally on the client computers? If one is not accessible, it tries to connect ...  View more

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Smart Group Email

Good Afternoon, I am trying to figure out how to email the members of a smart group once a week (or once a day). We have a smart group set up for users who's iPads have 20% or less charge remaining and we'd like the system to email the users to remin...  View more

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System preferences deployment for FSA Testing

Has anyone figured out how to deploy a FSA secure browser along with the preference changes that is required on Mojave? We have tried using Casper and still the preferences for keyboard shortcuts and mission control will not change.  View more

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Disabling camera in certain applications

Hi all, I received a request from a client and I can't quite figure out if it is possible. Is there a way to disable camera usage in select apps while leaving it available in others? For example, I do not want my users to have camera access in Facebo...  View more

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Google Chrome Force Update/Patch

Hi There I know there have been discussions regards this already, however, none of these seems to be working for us. Having looked at this article with Google https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7591084?hl=en it appears that they have changed ...  View more

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Fast way of re-enrolling - any trick?

If a clients breaks for some reason it there any "trick" to do a fast re-enrollment of the client, so it don't start to install all the packages again that already is installed on the computer ? Actually it is only the profiles that must be loaded an...  View more

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Dock settings in Guest account

I'm trying to set default settings for dock when users log in. As I can't chose non-system apps in Dock settings in Configuration Profiles I'm doing it through an ongoing policy upon login. When the users logs in the screen flashes and the changes in...  View more

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Deploying Autocad 2019 issues

I'm trying to deploy Autocad 2019 to our macs but unfortunately I am getting an error when trying to load Autocad. I have packaged Autocad using composer (10.10) on a 2017 Macbook Air running High Sierra, I haven't had any issues when packaging other...  View more

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How do I approve a Kernel Extension during imaging

Trying to deploy Sophos Endpoint as part of a Configuration using Imaging. With the changes to Kernel Extensions and the requirement to approve them. Current process is for the person running the Configuration to manually approve the Kext when Sophos...  View more

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