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Jamf Pro 10.38.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation,Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.38.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.38.1 release notes here.There are no changes to this weekend's cloud upgrade schedule. To vie...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.39.0 Beta 2 Is Now Availlable!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.39.0 Beta 2! This release has many exciting UI improvements including an updated user interface in User Initiated Enrollment and Patch Management. App Installers now has an indicator to show if apps are...  View more

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Apple Prestage and DEP Are Not Playing Nicely

Hey all, Ok so I just finished Jumpstart for my company and we ran into an issue that we originally thought was our port settings. But after checking, they look correct. Issue: DEP machine not pulling complete PreStage Enrollment settings during setu...  View more

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Push out updates on ipads

Does the JSS have the capability to force ipads to update the iOS? i have multiple ipads that need updated and I could or like to do it over night  View more

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Activity from a logged off user

Hi, Our network engineer recently asked me about an issue where a logged off user was still contacting our jamfcloud and the Apple Store even though they had logged off a certain Mac 2 days ago. No-one else had logged into that mac since. He could se...  View more

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Separate Staff and Computer lab policies

I work at a university with a fleet of about 400 Macs. We have around 300 MacBooks that staff uses, and around 100 iMacs in labs that students uses. For the staff I want to go with the Self Service approach for software and point users to it, and wit...  View more

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Filevault2 / Network Account High Sierra

Hello , I'm looking for a solution for the Filevault 2 Sync Password with AD users accounts. Actually all my MBA are with AD users account installed. My issue is when the users change their password (every 30 days) , it's not change for the FileVault...  View more

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Exporting Mac syslogs

We have a request to export logs from Mac systems to a central ArcSight server.There is a lot to unpack for this request. What logs should be sent. All logs is not the correct answer. What logs are you exporting? There is no Mac client for ArcSight (...  View more

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Creating a cloud based remote access solution

One of the challenges that we often face is having a need to remotely access a workstation. Though Jamf offers this via Jamf Remote, its largest short coming is that it requires SSH access via a local network. So if your remote or in another office (...  View more

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Assign app to user group without Apple IDs

We currently assign apps to device groups so students do not need an Apple ID to install their apps from Self Service. Is it possible to assign an app to a User Group and still avoid needing an Apple ID?I tried to assign a VPP app to a user group and...  View more

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Cisco Security Connector for iOS

Hello all,We are looking into deploying Cisco Security Connector to our organization. I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone has deployed and are using this product successfully. Feedback appreciated. Thanks!  View more

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Stacking Policies Scoped to Certain Users

Hi All, We have different software configurations that we apply depending on where the machine is going. I'll go ahead and mention that due to legal reasons well above my pay grade we can't use DEP. I'm trying to setup policies in self service that w...  View more

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FileVault Key Escrow error

I have a smart group that looks for invalid FV keys to determine if the key needs to be redirected to JSS: Based on that, it'll run the following script (https://github.com/JAMFSupport/FileVault2_Scripts/blob/master/reissueKey.sh): #!/bin/bash ######...  View more

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User Level Config Profile and DEP

How do I get User Level config profiles to install on a DEP machine? System Level config profiles install just fine. The only way i can get ULCP to install is running sudo jamf mdm -UserLevelMdm but when i do that, MDM "breaks" saying it requires DEP...  View more

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Cacher l'option "Réinitialiser tous les réglages"

Bonjour, Je cherche à cacher/désactiver l'option "Réinitialiser tous les réglages" comme on peut le faire avec l'option "Effacer contenu et réglages". Plusieurs de mes clients ont cette problématique avec leurs élèves qui savent ou chercher ... Merci...  View more

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quickadd.pkg with High Sierra

when i enroll a computer running fresh installation of 10.13. using the quickadd.pkg i will check on the 'profile' in system preferences , the MDM profile has the yellow alert icon and the description says functionality may be limited until this prof...  View more

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EA data being blanked out

Running into a new one that I've not encountered before. We use Centrify to bind to AD. I have a fairly simple EA, which basically uses Centrify's "adquery" command to pull the computer's .ou and stick it into the computer record. This allows us to s...  View more

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Windows home drives

Hi, We have successfully mapped home drives so that the Windows home drive appears on the dock, however we have received a request to make the home drives appear in the favorites on the side of Finder. Is there any way to automate this ? The macs are...  View more

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DEP Listing Navigation?

I tried to search around and didn't seem to get anything useful. Are DEP device lists and Prestage Enrollment scopes supposed to have navigation to let you page through the devices? I can filter - but what if I just want to browse in the list of filt...  View more

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