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Jamf Pro 10.41.0 Beta 2 now available!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.41.0 Beta 2. This is our compatibility release with the new operating systems coming from Apple this fall. There are a number of updated or new keys, a GSX Update, and updates to the Azure AD migration ...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.40.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation, Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.40.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.40.1 release notes here. Cloud Upgrade Schedule Your Jamf Pro server, including any free san...  View more

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NetSUS SSL query

Hi. I was hoping someone here could advise me with a NetSUS query? I'm trying to generate a CSR to get our cert renewed. However, using the web interface it only generates a 2048-bit file, and we need a 4096-bit. I also noted that it only uses the se...  View more

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High Sierra Imaging: How-To

First: This is not Apple approved. I know that, you know that, do it at your own risk. I do, this works fine.UPDATE: I have added my imager for download to the bottom of this post with instructions This is not a discussion about why or opinions :). S...  View more

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Removing Jamf

I set up my macbook using a public wifi and jamf was installed. I took it to apple and they couldn't do anything i did some digging and found this software on my macbook. I want it removed asap. I just bought it and can't do anything. It's preventing...  View more

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Getting started to lead to training

How do I get started? I don't have access to a JAMF server/ environment to learn with and I need training.But taking training without any underlying knowledge seems like an expensive gamble, especially if the idea is to get certified. Please point me...  View more

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How Prestage See's devices

Hello, I've been searching for a description of how an iPad that has been added to a Prestage scope makes contact with the JSS. Is the JSS polling or broadcasting the network looking for the MAC associated with the serial number? Or does the ipad che...  View more

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No secureToken present

Having a problem and I wonder if others are having similar issues. In our early testing, we imaged 10.13 with an erase and install, and then enrolled in our JAMF Pro server. The initial account created on the computers we deleted, because they were d...  View more

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Apple Manager/Shared Ipads/LDAP

Hi I apologize for the newbie question but I am trying to learn a little more about this process. Right now we have Apple Manager setup with our Powerschool and we use JAMF and we want to use Shared Ipads. We have accounts in Apple Manager, but the t...  View more

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Jamf Nation Site Boolean Search Request

JAMF, please allow us to use boolean operators when searching JAMF nation. For example, I searched on "10.1.1" when trying to find discussions on JSS 10.1.1. It displayed 68 search results, of which some are about iOS 10.1.1. I didn't want iOS result...  View more

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Script to detect Office 2016 activation method?

We're planning to move away from a serialized volume license for Office 2016, which will require users to activate their existing copies of Office using O365. I've found that Outlook doesn't handle this very well and just goes into Offline mode inste...  View more

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Managing iOS with Jamf Pro newbie

My bosses are about to implement a conference room booking system that may use iPads mounted at the entrances to rooms to display room status and allow for booking etc right on the iPad. I am told that we will need to manage these iPads especially to...  View more

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Security Update 2018-001 Changing UDID of Computers

Hey Everyone, I have a lab of late 2009 iMacs running 10.12.6, and I ran software updates on part of the lab. After running the updates, I noticed that I had duplicate records of some of the iMacs. I compared the old record to the new one and noticed...  View more

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Replace homepage campus wide

Hi, Usually i can manage myself to find solutions to any demands we have, but i have been knocking my head with this one... looks like there is something i don't see.... we have 500 mac computers and (unfortunately) our Communications Dept. changed t...  View more

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EA for DisplayLink driver version?

Has anyone come up with a way to check the version of the currently installed DisplayLink drivers? There's no app and I can't find where the actual driver files are installed to query.  View more

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