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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Software upgrades during check-in

Still relatively new to jamf so forgive me for what could totally be a noob question... When I update packages for a policy (say to go from version 6 to 7) of a particular software, how do I ensure that all the previous machines that are being manage...  View more

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DEP API Integrator

We are in need of an API integrator to allow us to use DEP. We are a higher ed institution with a computer store (reseller) and we also purchase all of our computer for the college through this store. In order for us to get DEP we need an API integra...  View more

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SSL Keystore password

I'm using the latest JAMF Pro. I don't remember creating a keystore password. I am trying to import a legit ssl cert to replace the self signed cert. I am being asked for the keystore password... I don't know it. What do I do now?  View more

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Using findfile to find multiple files?

Hi All, I am using this bash script to find, and report on a file i need found on my managed computers. !/bin/sh findFile="Illegal.mp4"myFile=mdfind $findFileif [[ -n $myFile ]]; then echo "FOUND" exit 99fiexit 0 I found it in this threadhttps://www....  View more

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Untangle SSL Root Cert Failure

I'm trying to push an SSL certificate for the SSL inspector rack in an Untangle firewall. The cert uploads fine in the config profile, but it fails every time and gives me "The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format."  View more

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Allow Find My Mac, but Disable rest of iCloud.

I looked through the iCloud discussion section and didn't exactly find an answer to my question. I want to enable iCloud for the sole purpose of allowing Find My Mac, but I do not want any of other features to allow any files to be backed up to iClou...  View more

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EAP-TLS Wifi - without AD ?

We are running Jamf with nomad - so no bound to AD. We managed to get machine certificate to Mac from the WIndow CA, as the goal was to get EAP-TLS working But we cannot manage to get the EAP-TLP working. Everytime when connecting and choosing the Ma...  View more

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Jamf 200 / CCT in India | Bangalore

Hi there!! We have organised a Jamf 200 training and certification in Bangalore, starting 22/01/19 till 25/01/19. You can reach me at +91-9449341722 / santosh.rknst@icloud.com for more information. Happy learning   View more

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Making Outlook behave more like Windows?

I'm working on making the Mac's compliant and on the Windows side we have autocomplete disabled and a warning for sending emails to external domains. Has anyone figured out how to do this on the Mac? I know the autocomplete toggle is not a feature on...  View more

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Use as a Login Window configuration - Hide selection

So after a few years of avoiding the login window configuraiton settings due to how osx handled the user auth post login im trying it out again and it seems to be a lot more reliable, e.g it doesnt revert back to system auth after the mac is put to s...  View more

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Macs No Longer Update Inventory

All of a sudden all Macs in my environment stopped updating Inventory(11/28/2018 at 10:27 PM to be exact). There are other instances running on our server and my environment is the only one seeing this. Everything else seems to be working other than ...  View more

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Updated to v10.8...now agent isn't updating

Hey all. Just applied the v10.8 update, and some of my test machines are updating their binaries. I've googled the issue, and all results seem to point to old version 9.x installs from years ago. Anyone point me in the right direction? What am I miss...  View more

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Screen Sharing w/ Laptops off-network

Feel like this is a dumb question - but my search hasn't yielded anything obvious. I work in government Mac environment. I can ARD/JAMF Remote/Screen Share into any Mac hardwired onto my network. When users are on their laptop, I can't figure out a g...  View more

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Endless reboot

After doing a user initiated enrollment on a non-DEP Mac that is running Sierra it would act like it was starting up by showing the apple logo and the progress bar would get about 3/4 of the way then it would start the entire process over. I was able...  View more

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Self Service opens every day on all my macOS devices

After we upgraded to Jamf Pro 10.7.1, Self Service seems to open on my devices every day. We do custom branding with an icon, if that matters. When I come in, I unlock the computer, and Self-Service has the little dot under the icon in the dock showi...  View more

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Freshservice intergration

Has anyone got this to work? I keep getting a sync error. https://freshservice.com/product-updates/jamf-pro-freshservice-integration-blog/  View more

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Our school is one to one in the middle school using MacBook air laptops (most are running Sierra but we will soon upgrade to Mojave). We are having issues with students using Imessage during class time. Is there a way to block all student devices fro...  View more

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Safari Missing iPad

Am using Jamf Pro - cloud based and we have a few configuration profiles pushed to devices. Devices somehow are missing the Safari app. Any direction where or what I need to turn on to restore the app.Thanks  View more

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Finder favourites disappearing!

Hey guys, I have a funky issue creeping into my environment that i cant see to figure out. I have a mix of 10.13.6 and 10.14.1 and both are reporting that their favourites (primarily their onedrive folder) is vanishing from the sidebar. I reasonably ...  View more

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Adobe CC 2019 User Sign-Ins

I wanted to start a thread to get a discussion going about how my fellow Higher Ed jamfers plan to deal with Adobe's change to licensing in CC 2019. We currently operate with an enterprise license and install all the CC apps in a bundle to our comput...  View more

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Advise; Creating new Management Account

Hi there! Just checking if anyone has pro-tips! We currently have a management account on many devices with the same password, and that same local account is used for the helpdesk. What i am trying to achieve is;- Create a new hidden management accou...  View more

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Erase & Install

Just finished listening to episode 102 of the Mac Admins Podcast. The guest, Armin Briegel mentioned a handy app named Erase & Install. The app is a wrapper around the startosinstall command. It's very user friendly and can detect a macOS installer a...  View more

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Cisco Webex Meetings URL

With the Cisco Webex Meetings software installed on the Mac is there a way to get the site url prepopulated? On my Mac I found the plist in the application support/WebEx Folder. I took that plist and created a custom configuration profile in JAMF. Wh...  View more

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Mojave and FileVault from configuration profile

I have been using configuration profiles to require FV2 and redirect the personal key to the on-prem JAMF Pro server (10.8)I have not bee able to get this to work in Mojave and while I have found other users on the web having the same problem I haven...  View more

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