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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Jamf Push Proxy return a non-200 status of: 504

Hi, Since a while my eye is falling into a specific log line from our JSS; [WARN ] [duledPool-0] [JAMFPushProxyConnection ] - JAMF Push Proxy return a non-200 status of: 504 Once a minute the error is logged, nothing harmfull i think because everythi...  View more

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OneDrive StandAlone plist open at login Help

I have found this info: MS DocI make the change via the GUI and I see the OpenatLogin change to a value of 1 from 0. I then copy this file out change it back to disable open at login and copy the plist. Seems to ignore this file and the openatlogin i...  View more

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PKG vs DMG in the world of High Sierra

Hello Everyone, I am rethinking our deployment of DMG's. For the longest time I had relied on the use of DMG's created in Composer. Lately though, I am having mixed results with deploying DMG's. On various forums, I am reading DMG's in the world of H...  View more

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Export Self-Service list

Greetings all. I am wondering if there is a way to export the app list from self service into a excel sheet or similar doc type. Trying to provide the ever updating list of what apps are available in self service. Thanks  View more

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Policies repeating

Hello Everyone, I am struggling to understand what might be happening with our deployments. This is something new for us as the winter break and last summer we didn't run into this before. We have a number of policies that are running as completed in...  View more

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User permissions needed for Jamf Remote?

As I have asked before about permission settings for Jamf users, no documentation is available. Anyone have a list of which permissions are required for a user in "User Accounts & Groups" to enable use of Jamf Remote? Would really like a table showin...  View more

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iPad, DEP Enrollment, Managed Apple ID

Hello,We are just diving into managing DEP IOS devices with Jamf Pro. We are a business and not a school. I have an iPad that is in DEP, shows up in the JSS as managed, enrolled, and otherwise seems happy. I am however having an issue where it comes ...  View more

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Jamf and Mac Admin Community Appreciation :)

Hey Guys, Just wanted to give Jamf a shout out for being so good to their community and I wanted to show my appreciation to our community for being so helpful with all the kextpocalypse stuff thats been going on with High Sierra. Also hoping this wil...  View more

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Data & Privacy Dialog appears twice

This new dialogue appears once in the setup wizard before enrollment and then again when I log in as the local admin for the first time. Is this expected behavior? Is there any way to suppress one or both?  View more

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Changing Passwords on High Sierra does not Update FV2

We have a local admin account on all our MAC's that is required to be different on a Site By Site basis, and needs to be changed every 3-6 months. On Sierra this was not an issue, we used dscl passwd and when our policy ran, it updated the FV2 passwo...  View more

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Change Management not functioning

Has anyone noticed that after upgrading to version 10.3 of the JSS that the change management logs no longer function properly? You can see the logs but if you select "Details" it flashes for a second and then goes away. On Edge it flashes and goes a...  View more

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JNUC 2018 Super Early Bird Rate Expiring

Hey Jamf Nation,This is your last chance to secure your 2018 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) tickets at the Super Early Bird rate of $699 ($599 for education). Purchase your ticket at this discounted rate through Wednesday, April 11. Why attend JN...  View more

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Google File Stream Team ID

Hey! I've been testing the new 10.13.4 update. As we all now, new Kernel extensions need to be either approved by the user or via Configuration Profile. Along with 10.13.4, we are testing Google File Stream which installs a Kernel extension. I can't ...  View more

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Wired Keyboards & Mice for new iMac's

We are looking for any ideas on provision of Wired Keyboards & Mice for new iMac's we will be purchasing & deploying in the next couple of months. Apple only ship the units with Wireless devices which are unhelpful in a University lab environment as ...  View more

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Upgrade to 10.3 followup

We just took the plunge to Jamf Pro 10.3 to help address the KEXT non-sense, and while things in test were fine the plunge to prod has been mixed. The JSS seems more sluggish and tomcat is a much bigger memory hog than it was previously, macOS MDM en...  View more

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The new release of Composer broken?

I've got the newest version of Jamf Pro on two different Macs running two different versions of macOS. I've created a source for two different applications on each machine, however when I go to remove folders from the source, I click to confirm delet...  View more

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Mac - network share mapping script

Is it possible to make a simple network drive mapping script on a mac ?. The script that I need should be on windows like Net use J: servershareI have found some scripts for mac, where username and password also are included. But this should be avoid...  View more

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Query for Keychain Errors

Hello Everyone, We administer MacBooks to a few hundred teachers across 12 different sites. As such, we have become accustomed to the Keychain on login error message that occurs when a password has been changed via our SSO. Within the past year we ha...  View more

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Self Service Notification

We are in the process of implementing patch management with Jamf and Self Service. If there is a pending update available it shows up in updates in self service so that all is working correctly. My question is this. When self service is open it shows...  View more

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Best Way to Force Restart in Policy

I have a script that runs after an application is installed to alert users that they need to restart (and after 5 minutes it automatically restarts). I'm purposely using this over the built-in JSS Restart options because most software updates are don...  View more

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Self Service (iOS) Asking for iTunes Login

I'm getting very close to a true zero-touch deployment solution for our iPads, and I'm hoping the community can pull me across the finish line on a strange issue I'm having with managed apps. My test iPad enrolls via DEP/Prestage Enrollment fine, but...  View more

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Zero Touch Deployment Hurdles

Hello All, Two questions I have about overcoming some hurdles with zero-touch deployment. I am a Mac admin for a higher-ed institution, and we use a Bradford network sentry to register devices on our network. This creates a problem, because devices c...  View more

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