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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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NetSUS 4.2.1 configuration problems

Hi, I'm having some issue to setup a local netsus server and get my clients to update from there, and update only what I have "approved"... We have a very simple setup of Netsus OVA version, which was used to host a netinstall image so far.I wanted t...  View more

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Forgot Apple ID associated with APN

Hi Guys,Need an urgent help here.we forgot the apple ID which is associated with APN certificate renewal.Contacted jamf and Apple support, unfortunately no help. is there any way we can find this Apple ID?  View more

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Checking for profiles hangs when shutting down

Can anyone tell me why some users laptops hang at checking for profiles when powering down. I found a few resolutions on here but need to know where to look on the client machine to see which profile or profiles are hanging? Any help would be greatly...  View more

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Roll back Safari from 11.0.2 to Safari 9.1.1

A policy was created to do an Apple update, the update ran by a colleague but due to the nature of the environment a certain version of Safari works to access a specific FTP site. To use the latest version of Safari requires upgrading the subscriptio...  View more

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Network accounts are not available, but they are.....

Anyone who have their macs on a Windows domain logging in through AD get this message on the log in screen? We get it quite often but it you enter your username and password it does actually check AD and log you in, unsure why it says it won't which ...  View more

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QuickAdd.pkg fails on one specific computer

Hi all, I have a strange problem. We have a Mac that was DEPed, but due to time constraints they set up the Mac anyway using Migration Assistant, naturally I want to enroll this Mac now (though I can't put it through our standard DEP procedure as tha...  View more

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Microsoft AutoUpdate 3.14.17121501

Hello,I am looking for the link to download the pkg Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac version 3.14.17121501, the patch management tells me that it is out on 16/12/2017.I did not find anything at microsoft.  View more

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High Sierra remove lock screen

Has anyone come across a way to remove the lock screen option from a mac? In our busy student open access and teaching rooms we don't want them to be able to lock a mac and walk away from it for obvious reason. We have a way of checking idle time and...  View more

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Looking for a Deep-Freeze-esque for School Labs?

How are you guys implementing Lab style deployments in your environment where you need to keep computers in a "frozen" state or in a state that can be reverted after a restart? We're currently looking for a better way since we're starting to see the ...  View more

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Spectra and Firefox/Chrome

Firefox (mainline and ESR)Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2018-01 | Speculative execution side-channel attack ("Spectre")- Fixed in Firefox 57.0.4 (mainline), or Firefox ESR 52.x. Google ChromeActions required to mitigate Speculative Side-Channe...  View more

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Installing PKG using a bash script with Jamf

Hello all, I have a few pkg files I'd like to install using bash since I can suppress the various popups they produce during installation which are really just confusing to the user. I'm simply running: sudo installer -pkg "package.pkg" -target / and...  View more

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McAfee EPO Version Extension Attribute

I thought you used to be able to share extension attributes but I do not remember now. I got the basis of this from an older EA located here [McAfee Check EPO Agent Version]https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/third-party-products/files/525/mcafee-check-...  View more

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Jamf Pro Policies and JamfHelper

Hi Folks! Don't mean to be long-winded here but... I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around all the various scripts available that work with installing packages via a policy in JAMF Pro along with JamfHelper. And a gang of these scripts are fr...  View more

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Authenticated Restart with FileVault 2 Not Working

We have a Policy In place for our DEP Zero-Touch Build that enables FV2 as the Management Account, and then performs an Authenticated Restart, however on reboot the machine requires FV2 Authentication when it should not.See below Policy Log. Any Idea...  View more

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VPP issues with managed Apple IDs

VPP invitations should automatically register the account for users with managed Apple IDHowever for some of our students the invitation shows as incomplete - when you look at Usage in the invitation If you look at the User in JSS there is not a butt...  View more

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10.13.x Content Caching - Config Profile Control

Has anyone figured out whether it is possible to control 10.13.x built in Content Caching granular settings via Configuration Profile? I put together a custom profile with the keys that I want set by default, however, the Caching functionality is not...  View more

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Inventory showing 0 Applications

I just noticed that the inventory for our macs are showing 0 Applications installed. If I force a recon on a machine I can see in the logs it is searching the /Applications directory. For some reason it is not population the Applications list though....  View more

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Self Service - Login Issue

Hi All Has anyone come across intermittent login issues when trying to log in to self service when you know the username and password is correct? it sometimes takes a few tries before being able to log in Self Service v10.0.0LDAP Authentication  View more

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User Import Best Practice

We've just completed the initial training of JAMF Cloud and while the strictly MDM based part looks amazing it seems to me that the user creation and device assignment part leaves a little to be desired, in particular if you can't connect to LDAP (wh...  View more

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