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Disable Profiles pane in Ventura

Hey everyone, Is there a way to disable the Profiles pane in Ventura macOS? I don't want non-DEP Mac users to mess around with it and remove the MDM profile.Thoughts?  View more

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TouchID EA

I would like to know how many are using TouchID to unlock their macs.My EA is working pretty good. However, i am not able to exclude who have the fingerprint set but not used. Any idea please?  View more

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Shared iPads

Two questions:1. Interested in testing a Shared iPad configuration on an new iPad. But how do I undo it once testing done - convert back to standard ipad. 2. How to I convert an existing ipad to a shared ipad, it has already been enrolled in Jamf at ...  View more

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Invalid Server Token for DEP

Trying to renew our DEP server token before it expires, have logged into Apple School Manager and clicked on the MDM to download the token p7m file, then tried to upload that file to the expiring instance and it says "The file received is not valid"A...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.43.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro.Jamf Pro 10.43.1 fixes the following product issue:[PI110938] Jamf Pro no longer sends looping InstallProfile MDM commands to computers in the scope of automated deployments for Jamf Protect.Fo...  View more

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Enrol Existing Users Without Authentication

Hi, We are trying to find a way to email an enrolment package to existing staff and have them install it manually (thus enrolling into Jamf) without needing to enter an admin password at any point. I.e like an ADE 0 touch but this is for machines alr...  View more

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Can you run two MDM solutions on the same machine

Hi everyone, I'm sure that this subject has been talked about, but I haven't been able to find it. My question is: Can you run two MDM solutions at the same time? I have both MS Intune and JamF available to me and I was wondering if it was possible? ...  View more

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logon logoff script

hellow community, i need your help today with a DEALY issue after applying the following script in Jamf Pro. after adding the script into Jamf there is a delay with the logon for the end user.username="$3"serialnumber="$(ioreg -c IOPlatformExpertDevi...  View more

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Make Me an Admin for macOS Ventura

I am looking to see if there is anything like the Make Me an Admin script that will work in macOS Ventura. The current script does not work in Ventura. I don't get any report of errors just doesn't make the account an admin account. I do know about P...  View more

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Deploying Office 365 updates issues

Just checking to see if anybody else is running in to this issue. When we started deploying Office updates, we were using Installomator, but we started seeing some issues where not all of the office apps were updating. We then switched to the package...  View more

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Redirecting ~/Library to a network share.

Anyone have best practices for redirecting the ~/Library folder to a network share for Mac OS End-users? I have an Educator that insists that this happens. With a script run at first login, we can easily achieve the redirection of the Library folder ...  View more

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Switch User Not Showing Up

Hi,We have a local admin account which is hidden upon enrollment. Before we used to get the option to "switch user" and login to that. For some reason, for the past month we are only getting that option on some laptops. Is this due to some sort of OS...  View more

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Unmanaging macOS devices through API

Hi folks, struggling to find an answer for this.We have a number of machines unable to run Big Sur, so I wish to deploy a script on all of these devices that remove these devices from support. I've achieved similar in the past where I can actually re...  View more

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 15.39.47.png Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 16.05.54.png
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Cannot Enter Pin For Locked MacBook

We typically use Jamf to send a lock command to our MacBooks on. We have one MacBook that has the "Incorrect PIN entered too many times. Please try again in x minutes" where x = 24,321,071.Does anyone know of a way to get past this besides waiting 46...  View more

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802.1x certs not renewing

Almost a year ago we implemented 802.1x wifi authentication NOT using Active Directory certs. The certificates all issue properly and work just fine with our WiFi authentication.After we deployed the profiles and issued certs, I made sure this was se...  View more

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Multiple machines not checking in

I've read multiple posts here about machines not checking in with the JSS anymore.We have multiple machines that are not checking in anymore with our cloud JSS.I've tried many things written in previous posts. These are the commands I've tried and th...  View more

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Issue with SSO via Azure

I'm currently experiencing an issue with SSO via Azure. After configuring the connection as described here: Tutorialwe have the following situation:- Logon via the "Test connection"-Button from inside the AAD Application Configuration works as expect...  View more

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Application Usage Smart Group

Hey Guys,is there a way to build a smart group for "not used" Apps in the last (maybe) 10 days?We want to shorten our Browser List and remove Firefox, but first to all Devices that don't use Firefox.I checked the box for "Collect Application Usage" a...  View more

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JAMF Pro ( on premise) and intune Integration issues

Hi AllI am facing challenges in setting up conditional access for JAMF Pro on premise instance with intune as we are seeing following error. Could not retrieve the access token for Microsoft Graph API. Check the configuration for macOS Intune Integra...  View more

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Installomator Error

Hello,I am very new to JAMF and have an issue with Installomator, I am trying to use it to install several apps. I have created smart groups for each app one that will see if the package is up to date or not installed and another for the members of t...  View more

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