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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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Software Update clarification

Hey fellas.. quick question.. I'm about to push out a policy this week to isntall all available software updates to our clients...mainly to patch spectre vulnerabilities. Is it enough to just enable the Software Update payload when creating the polic...  View more

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DEP Conundrum

Hi All! I am in another community and people were having issues with DEP. This person wanted to take their current iPhones with unsupervised backups and changed them to supervised and he was planning on adding them to DEP with Apple Configurator. Fro...  View more

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10.13 - FileVault 2 and Secure Tokens

I've been over the forums and found some resources relating to this issue, but nothing definitive as of yet. So, here goes! My current enrollment workflow (working through the slow process of changing, but this is what I have to work with): User sets...  View more

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Java Patch Management a version ahead

For Java patch management it shows 0 on latest version. Currently latest downloadable version is 161, yet the latest version in patch management shows 162. Not critical yet just curious if others are having the same issue.  View more

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Removal of NWEA Lockdown Browser.app

Hello JAMFers,I am using JAMF Pro and attempting to remove the NWEA Lockdown Browser.app from our devices before pushing out the newest version, but am having difficulty.I tried in terminal sudo rm -rf ApplicationsNWEA Lockdown Browser.app and nothin...  View more

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User Creation, Deletion logs

Hello We have a new client who has asked us to start store some specific logs from the Macs for at least 12 months, my question is do these even exist and if they do where would they be located? User CreationUser DeletionUser failed login attemptsUse...  View more

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Jamf Helper at Login window

Hello Everyone, I know I have seen this discussion in the past but I haven't seen an answer that works for us. We have our Jamf Helper configured and it works while a user is logged in. Is there a way or command to get the Jamf Helper window to appea...  View more

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User-level configuration profile not applying

Hello all.We currently have JAMF Pro 9.101.0 installed.Our clients run (mostly) with macOS 10.12.5/10.12.6. We have a few with prior versions as BYOD, but to rule that out as a cause of failure, I excluded them.I try to apply certain settings via a c...  View more

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Self Service 10 crashing

I've noticed that if I leave Self Service up for a while and try to run a policy, it will crash. I think it's because it's timed out, but instead of giving a warning or returning to the login screen, it crashes completely. Has anyone else seen this? ...  View more

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AD Login and SMB Home Directory Mounts?

Is there any entity out there that has managed to figure out how to get Macs to work with AD to mount home directories on windows file servers? In 10.8 our users could log in with their AD credentials and get their home directory mounted that was on ...  View more

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Give specific string to script

Hello, At the moment I'm facing some troubles with a script. I want to uninstall the EndPointProtector from CoSoSys. They provide a remove script, which I want to start from a JSS script. The problem: you have to enter a pre-defined uninstall passwor...  View more

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Changing Self Service App Icon

Hey Team!In the latest Jamf, opening Self Service changes its stock icon to whatever Branding graphic you define. What I'm looking to do is change the stock icon to match our branding image. I've done the following but currently stuck! -Created an ic...  View more

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Best Practices / Tips for iOS Configuration Profiles

I was wondering if any one has any tips or best practices for iOS configuration profiles? One I discovered myself while testing was to set the Notifications for Self Service so when staff first open Self Service they don't accidentally say "No" to th...  View more

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MS changed version numbering for 2016

Hi All, As I'm sure many of you will notice soon, MS changed their version numbering for Office 2016. Rather than 15.x, the latest patches are now 16.9. This breaks all my Smart group logic... since now I have to look for two completely different ver...  View more

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Jags vs Vikings

This goes out to the JAMFers from sunny (but chilly) Jacksonville. Good luck this weekend. We might have a very unlikely Super Bowl this year - which the Jags would win. :)  View more

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Jamf Remote - What user does it use?

I'm trying to use Jamf Remote to do things like run software updates, screen sharing, etc and it keeps hanging on authentication. I'm assuming I need to allow a certain user (or group) in SSH. What user does Jamf use? Or, am I completely off base and...  View more

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Application usage

hi - i'd like to know which users use a certain application between certain dates. for example, which user(s) use cisco anyconnect app between jan 1 to jan 17 2018. how do i set this up? thx  View more

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DMZ Jamf PRO server - revert access to GUI

Hello Everyone, i was wondering if there is a way to restore gui access to a server that i limited to computers and mobile devices only ? ( not full access ). i forgot to turn on clustering on that server and i need gui access. tried accessing it loc...  View more

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LPADMIN setting options for Xerox C8070

Hi all, I have a virtual follow me printer. When I install at the client using lpadmin, it does not inherit the finisher, punch options, etc. So I am trying to set them with lpadmin, but it is not working. Here is what I am using: lpadmin -p FOLLOW_M...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.2 Beta 2 Now Available!

Beta 2 for Jamf Pro 10.2 continues to fix bugs and improve performance. This release will expand on the patch management framework by adding support for external patch sources. Software titles hosted on an external source can now be used for patch re...  View more

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