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Jamf Pro 10.38.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation,Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.38.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.38.1 release notes here.There are no changes to this weekend's cloud upgrade schedule. To vie...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.39.0 Beta 2 Is Now Availlable!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.39.0 Beta 2! This release has many exciting UI improvements including an updated user interface in User Initiated Enrollment and Patch Management. App Installers now has an indicator to show if apps are...  View more

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Ubuntu 16 LTS for JSS ?

Anyone successfully setup JSS on Ubuntu 16 LTS ? We setup Ubuntu 16 with Java 8 and Tomcat 7. Database connection is coming up and Login appears, but we are unsuccessful to login.Any success stories, hints? Thank you very much!  View more

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Question - iOS - Apps stop working all of a sudden

Hi all, Has anyone had any issues with apps just randomly stopping to work? So we've got an iPad program and they are all managed by the JSS.There have been a couple of times where apps will just stop working completely. So what will happen is when y...  View more

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SSO Profile for Office 365 / Microsoft office Apps

Anyone had any luck with getting single sign on to work for the office apps on ipad using the SSO profile? 90% of my jobs is for students not signing into the office apps correctly using their school accounts. We have kerberos working fine on the mac...  View more

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Unable to Delete Duplicate Machine

Seeing an odd issue with one device in the JSS. This device in our JSS that has two entries. One is current, the other has not 'checked in' since March. I can select and delete the currently active device through the console no problem. However, the ...  View more

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JAMF Patch Management

Is this an in-house built solution for the JSS, or is this using patchoo and integrating it into the JSS as part of our workflow for patching software?  View more

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List Your Helpful Apps!

Not sure if there is something like this out and about already if so then just ignore! Just thought it would be fun! Just a list of helpful apps that you use to manage your macs/with every day mac usage! Sure many of you know these already but might ...  View more

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$string=$string | tr [a-z] [A-Z] no workie

Hello! I'm capturing text then echoing it to ALL CAPS like this, which proves the command works. read diskName echo $diskName | tr [a-z] [A-Z] The goal is to pass this capitalized text to: sudo diskutil partitionDisk /dev/diskn MBR fat32 "$diskName" ...  View more

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iPads stuck in EDU mode - Apple School Manager

We enabled Apple Education Support in JSS (but are not actually enrolled in the program yet as we are in Norway) Subsequently we disabled all the Apple Education Support features in JSS and rebooted the server. Now when a restored iPad gets its confi...  View more

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Last Backup TimeMachine

Hello, i have problems with the correct output from the extension attribute Time Machine - Last Backup Completed. The extension Attribute is from jamfnation and edited as described here https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=13289. I ...  View more

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VPP Device based Assignment / Use of licenses

Hi all, I am wondering if I am doing the right thing here. A few weeks ago I started testing with Apps from the AppStore redistribution. So I add some licenses to our VPP account for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" a free app. After the licenses had been ...  View more

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Urgent DEP issue

Hi all. all new Macs are failng to apply the DEP configuration at boot message 'Unable to apply DEP configration' options are try again or cancel. No errors showing in the JSS (Cloud hosted) The only thing I can think of is someone has added a new pr...  View more

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Lock Down JAMF System Files

Hey All, I'm looking for a way to completely lock down the System files - Specifically LaunchDaemons but will settle for a blanket fix. Basically we have students who are deleting the contents of their /Library/LaunchDaemons folder to remove the Mobi...  View more

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Mount smb with a script

Hello Community, since a few hours I try to create a little script to mount a smb share. Before the script mount the share he check it. If it is not mounted he mount it. It works ok... Now I have a few permissions problem... The Script create a folde...  View more

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Self Service Logged in User

I'm running a shell script via Self Service. I'd like to identify the user currently logged into Self Service, not the user logged into the computer. Is that possible?  View more

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Network Homes: Automounted home shares not logging out

We are seeing that even after a network user logs out their home folder share is remaining mounted with an active connection to the server. Server: Windows 2008 R2Clients: 10.11.4See this with both AFP and SMB 6W-410-11:~ admin$ mount /dev/disk0s2 on...  View more

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Imaging on reboot run Script before PKG

Hi, Imaging question!I have a script I need to run BEFORE a package is installed. Both the package and the script need to be run "at reboot" (install on boot drive after imaging). The script isn't technically related to the package, but performs some...  View more

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JNUC 2016 Status

A quick note to encourage you on JNUC activity. I’m sure you’ve seen that JNUC sessions have started to post. Although we are not officially announcing new product yet, from the session titles, you can guess where we have focused our development effo...  View more

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Firefox Certificates

We have Cisco's WSA & I am trying to get the WSA cert's to work with Firefox. I have read up on CCK2. I have downloaded the xpi file but i don't know where to go from here. How do I add the cert's? Thank you in advance.  View more

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Mobile Device Bulk Update/Import (csv?)

Hi, I am needing to update some fields of 200+ iPads. Tedious doing it manually when I am sure there is something I am missing. How can I: 1) Update custom fields in bulk? 2) Update asset tag in bulk? 2) Set enforce mobile name in bulk?  View more

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