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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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Can i delete deault ios apps remotley?

HiIn the new IOS 9 update you can delete Iphone apps. For our purposes all we need to is use one app and wipe the iphones occasionally. Is it possible to delete the default I phone apps remotely using jamf ?  View more

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WiFi Profiles

Hello, We have iPhones issued out and we are finding more and more people turning of the wireless in control center and in settings to try to get past filters and because it is "faster". This becomes a big issue because we have a limited amount of ce...  View more

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How to have Jamf re-add mdm profile?

We have an issue where some machines had a non jamf MDM profile which would cause jamf quick add to fail on install. It'll still get added to jamf server but wont have full capability w/out jamf's mdm profile. I wrote a policy (script) to remove all ...  View more

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Custom Default Docks in Lab Settings

Hello, I am trying to build a Custom Default Dock within El Capitan that would be presented to all networked Active Directory users when logging into a lab environment. I have read many posts on this and other forums regarding this and have gathered ...  View more

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Cannot disable management as Admin

I'm currently running 9.9.6 and just spun up a test 10.12.2 machine. In my config profile I have this enabled: Computer administrators may refresh or disable management When I log into the computer holding down option/shift I select to disable all ma...  View more

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Triton Forcepoint AP-WEB

Does anyone out there have experience packaging Triton Forcepoint AP-WEB up for distribution through the JAMF? The current ZIP that I have has two .pkgs included in the folder along with a .cer file, .hsw file & .xml file. I believe the WebsenseEndpo...  View more

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Apple Classroom Groups

Hi All: We have just rolled out Apple Classroom to our teachers and I am curious if any of you are experiencing this. A teacher will create a manual group of students. When they come back to the app - all of the groups are gone. Anyone seen this and ...  View more

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HELP With Imaging

Hi everyone, I need some help. I’ve used DeployStudio to do thick imaging for years, and while it’s been less than ideal, it’s worked. I stared using Casper about six months ago, and wanted to do thin imaging. Problem is, it’s a mess. I’m netbooting ...  View more

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Restoring from Network Incredibly Slow

Hi folks, I have a dilemma that I would love some help resolving...- I have three NetBoot images, one based on OSX10.10.4 with Casper Imaging 9.73, one based on OSX10.11.6 with Casper Imaging 9.93 and the other with OSX10.12.2 with Casper Imaging 9.9...  View more

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Disable - Suppress Airport Update Notification

I thought certain that I've seen this discussed here before, but I'm not finding it now. Maybe my keyword skills need some schooling. Anyway, is there a script or way of disabling Airport Utility from automatically launching when Apple releases firmw...  View more

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Questions from a school's repair guy...

Hi JAMF Nation Folks, I am looking to learn more about how I might instruct one of my customers to go about enabling the camera on iPads they mail to us (out-of-state) where they become disabled (restricted) immediately upon enrollment. The iPads aut...  View more

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Local Account password reset policy

I have been tasked by my information security officer to create a policy to reset the local admin account password once a month. I have created this policy in the local accounts section and I receive an error everytime the policy runs on my test comp...  View more

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"Didn't get a response from the Software Update server"

Has anyone ever come across this error when running softwareupdate -l: Software Update Tool Copyright 2002-2012 Apple Inc. Finding available software Didn't get a response from the Software Update server (). The server name looks correct, and i'm set...  View more

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Best Practices for App deployment

I just recently ran into an issue with assigning apps to multiple smart groups of iPads. 5 carts of iPads had the app SpriteBox, those were added about a month ago. We then added another cart for a total of 6 carts and when the assignment was complet...  View more

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Change keyboard language in loginwindow

Hello, how can i change the language of the loginwindow? The Restart, Power off Button is shown in the correct language, but if i try to write in the loginfield i have a english keyboard. If i build an account, the keyboard inside works in the correc...  View more

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Disabling collaboration for Keynote

Hey fellow JAMF Nation peeps! Anyone got any good tips for disabling the new Beta feature that Apple has released for Keynote Collaboration with an Apple ID? Short of disabling iCloud Drive completely, i'd like to see if there are any application spe...  View more

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ServiceNow - Jamf macOS Integration is Live

View the Jamf macOS Integration in the ServiceNow StoreA complete macOS inventory and software delivery solution through Jamf and ServiceNow. With the Jamf integration, organizations gain a macOS inventory and software delivery solution to complete t...  View more

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Siri/Mail/Calendars/Reminders auto-start at logon

We have restrictions policies for several built-in apps that we don't use like Mail/Calendars/Siri/etc. On macOS 10.12.2 using NetBoot to bare-metal image test machines we're seeing that when a user logs in for the very first time they're getting Res...  View more

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JSS System Hardware Configurations - What's yours?

I've been using an i7 mac mini with 8GB RAM and an internal raid 0 since we first purchased the JSS. It can be slow at times. I'm switching to a Mac Pro (2012 model) with more RAM and SSD internal raid. Will be binding the dual gigabit ports. Got me ...  View more

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