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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Setting up new machines?

Hi What's the best practice for new machine that's come straight out of box? I have setup a configuration that will reimage an old machine machine, add it into jamf and run/setup all the scripts and programs required for it to be ready for the end us...  View more

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EAP-TLS 802.1x More than one Ethernet Interface

Hello, In my organization we are trying to implement 802.1x with EAP-TLS and certificate authentication. We are able to deploy the configuration profile signed or unsigned with jamf for Ethernet interfaces however when the user adds another ethernet ...  View more

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Script to enable extension in Safari 10.X

I found some other forum posts about enabling Safari extensions programmatically but they were somewhat dated and the methods recommended haven't been working for me as of yet (it's possible I'm something wrong, though). So I'm asking if anyone has a...  View more

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Prestage Enrollment, wifi issues, and zero touch.

Hey everyone! So we are loving our prestage enrollments, and being able to utilize Zero-Touch deployments with our new MacBooks. We will hand users unopened equipment which looks good to the user, and helps our teams "brand" have a more professional ...  View more

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Hiding launch agents

I have a launch agent that points to a bash script that gets executed on login. I have some users who like to "investigate" and I don't want them to see the script contents that the launch agent is calling to execute. I think the user has to have rea...  View more

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Reporting on VPP and App Store apps

HiHere's the problem I'm trying to solve. I want to find any apps that are on our machines that aren't licensed through our VPP. Is there anything unique about a VPP app that I could use an EA to either include or exclude in an advanced search/report...  View more

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Packages policies | Dans les choux…

Bonjour à tous, Hier (08/02/2017) aux alentours de 14h30, un problème est apparu sans aucune modification quelconque. Le JSS est hébergé sur une machine virtuelle fonctionnant sous Ubuntu alors le répertoire partagé est lui hébergé sur un MacMini con...  View more

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Sequence of event for a JSS Policy

Hi all, I believe a script can only be run before or after some package runs. I have a sequence of event that I would like to do: a) Copy some files (these files are required by step b)b) run a install.sh scriptc) install a pkg packaged) install anot...  View more

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diskwarrior or equivalent

I was looking to purchase a new copy of Disk Warrior, but their web page seems antiquated. Are people still utilizing disk warrior? If not any suggestions for similar programs? Thanks!  View more

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VGA Adapters on 2016 MBPs with TouchID

We purchased some cables 2 go VGA/usb-C adapters and have found some odd behaviors. Some of the 2016 machines it works just fine on. Others we have to plug it into each port (all 4) in order to get it to recognize the adapters. Still others will not ...  View more

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Executed Command result to new account username?

Hi everyone, I'm loving the resources here but I can't seem to find anything on this.Using a policy, is it possible to create a local user with a username taken from results of an executed command in the 'Files and Processes' section? I see in the lo...  View more

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macOS caching server issues

So, I am running a caching server on macOS 10.12.3. We are having issues with this server not caching anything. I ran a few things to see what the deal was. Anyone have any ideas? The thing that sticks out the most is "caching:Port=0" sudo serveradmi...  View more

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Cannot Netboot Late 2016 Macbook with Touchbar

I have updated our NBI using AutoCasper NBI 1.3.4 using a base OS of 10.12.2 (16A323) and Casper Imaging 9.81. When I attempt to boot from the NBI it just comes up with a prohibitory symbol. Is there something I might be missing here as to why this w...  View more

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Installing TrendMicro WFBS

I have followed the instructions from TrendMicro to install the TM package for mass deployment. I made a package that places the .plist and a package that installs WFBS I attempted to use Packages.app to merge them into one package and used a post fl...  View more

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Wireless Network Configuration Profile Help

Good day everyone! I am looking for some assistance in troubleshooting the configuration of a wireless network payload in Jamf. So far I have it setup as shown in the attachment. The issue I am encountering is that the systems are not passing the ful...  View more

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Auto Populate username / short name in VPN profile

I'm trying to setup a Configuration Profile to setup a VPN profile for each user automatically.All works expect I can't work out how to auto populate the username.I've seen old post relating to using either %short_name% or $Username but when I try th...  View more

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Standard Imaging Not Working

Hey All.. I am trying to create a working Standard Imaging drive. I have replicated the JSS onto the drive and that works OK. I created an enrollment only account and use that when I login to the JSS. After imaging, I login locally and try to run sud...  View more

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Cannot enroll iPad's

Hello, Has anyone successfully enrolled iPads? We have been trying but keep failing. Is there a trick to this? Thanks for your input.  View more

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Manual Remove Jamf Components and Configs

Hi, Are there best practices for manually removing JAMF from OS X? I have already attempted "sudo jamf -removeFramework". But it appears that the uninstall didn't complete cleanly. There are still left over components. If I attempt "sudo jamf -remove...  View more

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