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Jamf Pro 10.42.0 Beta 2 is Now Available!!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.42.0 Beta 2. We've added support for Apple's Declarative Device Management along with a few refinements and fixes. Jamf Pro 10.42.0 Beta features many fixes and some exciting new enhancements including ...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.41 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation, Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.41. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, review the release notes here. Cloud Upgrade Schedule Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will ...  View more

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Policy doesn't do anything in Self Service

I have a policy to install a package in Self Service.When I click on it, Self Service says "Gathering Information" and almost immediately goes to "Completed". No errors.No logs are returned whatsoever to JSS.It's still in scope, even though it;s "Run...  View more

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Finder service that expands flat packages

I do a lot of package building and tear-down, and realized this morning that I was tired of manually expanding flat packages and then uncompressing their payloads to figure out what's going on. To that end I created a Finder service in Automator to d...  View more

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Mac Boot Never Reaches Spinning Gear

This is more of an "is anyone else having this issue" post.I have a solution, yet I'm unsure why it's happening or if the fix is legit and would like some input.Basically over time a few of our Macs - either MacBook Pro's or Minis running 10.9.5 or 1...  View more

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NetSUS 4.0 error

Happy Holidays Everyone! I am setting up the netsus 4.0 and I am getting the following error: The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "my server" which could put your confidential infor...  View more

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Have Time Machine backup just user folder

Anyone already doing this? We are experimenting with a time machine backup qnap. I'm trying to work out how to tell time machine on each computer to only backup its user folder. Didn't want to re invent the wheel. Any ideas? Gabe ShackneyPrinceton Pu...  View more

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Office update notifications?

I have a strange question:How are you notified of Office updates when they're released? I generally find out from JAMFnation when an update is out, and Microsoft's support site is an absolute disaster to search for anything Mac related. (I've spent ~...  View more

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"iPad is Disabled" bc of passcode, Wi-Fi shuts off

Does anyone have a solution for preventing wi-fi from shutting off when an incorrect passcode disables an iPad? It's very frustrating to have the option in JSS to clear a passcode for an iPad that desperately needs it, but I can't use it because the ...  View more

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Netbook not working across VLANs

hi, can anyone tel me the root cause of why the netboot is not getting detected in across vlans. even though we have done all the settings in DHCP scope. But it works when the netboot server and client are in same VLAN. what is the solution to make t...  View more

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One Drive for Business Client is here!!

Just thought you all might like to know it is finally here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Get-started-with-the-OneDrive-for-Business-Next-Generation-Sync-Client-on-Mac-OS-X-d11b9f29-00bb-4172-be39-997da46f913f?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US https...  View more

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dockutil installation issue

Hey all, I have a question about dockutil and JAMF. I created a package to install dockutil and a script to reset the dock. As long as I call it manually from terminal it works fine, but I’m trying to use it in conjunction with a DEP enrollment. When...  View more

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10.11 Upgrade-Wi-Fi Inactive

We are testing some 10.11 upgrades for one of our iMac labs running 10.8.5. Using standard OS Installer packages (10.11.1 and 10.11.2 both tested) and via Self Service or Casper Remote, the machine gets upgraded successfully but the Wi-Fi service is ...  View more

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disappearing data from inventory fields for iPads

Hello everyone, Lately we have started running into a problem where any data we put into the "position", "department" and "building" fields under the inventory tab keep getting erased once an iPad checks into the JSS. Normally we put an iPad on Confi...  View more

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Casper Suite 9.82

Just saw the email that 9.82 is now out. I took a look at the Release notes and it seems like several good fixes made it into this version. A couple that I noted- [D-009724] When upgrading to a Casper Suite version that uses the new jamf binary locat...  View more

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Password Policy profile disables user account

I have a machine I'm trying to enroll into JSS. As soon as it is successfully enrolled, the user can no longer log in, getting the error message: Your account has been disabled. Contact your system administrator for more information. When this is hap...  View more

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Custom Trigger Log

I have a policy set for custom trigger, which installs a large package - It can take an hour to install.The logs within the policy show nothing whilst the install is running - just "pending". I assume it will only return the success/fail and all step...  View more

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Moving Caching Service to another Mac?

We installed Server.app and configured and enabled the Caching Service on a random spare Mac to trial it to see if it would have a positive impact on our bandwidth usage. Now that we want to do it "for real" is there a way for us to move the already-...  View more

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launchd StartOnMount doesn't behave as expected

I'm trying to show a popup whenever a USB device is connected. There are a few suggestions to use a launchdaemon with StartOnMount, but this gets triggered every time a computer is unlocked from screensaver. Do you have any suggestions on how to appr...  View more

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Self Service Usage tracking

Quick question, Is there any way other than going through each of our 100+ policies to see who is using self service? I know there is logs on each computer but can't say it would be easy to get to all of them, or find them on our network at the same ...  View more

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Time in Casper Focus Classes

What is the purpose for having the time in classes for Casper Focus? If you have a flexible schedule as for classes i.e: hundreds for classes and teachers is this a viable thing to be using? Do class times clash with other Teachers classes if its a d...  View more

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Proper License Tracking for Adobe Creative Cloud

Apologies if this was already answered, I did a check but couldn't find anything relevant. We have a mix of specific applications, device and users licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud products and are looking for a way to properly track their usage thr...  View more

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config profile auto logout vs LOCK

is there a way for me to have auto lock instead of auto logout configuration profile ? some users come back and they have been logged out, thus closing there browsers, documents etc... I told them to avoid this from happening, to click there name at ...  View more

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