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iOS Version Smart Mobile Device Search

So in JSS, you are able to create search groups to whatever you'd like. In that search, you can view the listed iPads that meet the fields of that search. So for instance, I have a search group saved labeled "Self Service Needed", and in the settings...  View more

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Homepage in Safari 9 on El Capitan

What is the currently working and recommended means of setting the homepage in Safari for all users? I've tried various different methods including login scripts and custom settings in a config profile but so far had no luck. It might be the syntax's...  View more

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Flush policy for entire group at once

Greetings, My apologies if this has already been discussed, searching this is very vague and I haven't found exactly what my goal is. Essentially I have a policy I want to flush, but I only want to flush it on a specific group or smart group. I can't...  View more

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Bypass Login with SSO Login

I am trying to bypass the login page and login with SSO but i face some severe difficulties at this part , does anyone implement this ? Or generally it can be done or not ? Thanks in Advance !  View more

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google hangouts msg box can't show on safari

Did someone see the problem of google hangouts with safari(Version 9.1 (11601.5.17.1))? I see many Mac pro (10.11.4) in my company that can't open the 1st google hangout message box on safari. I'm not sure its related to the new updates or something....  View more

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Prompting to enable FileVault

Still getting the prompt to enable filevault encryption on MacBook Pro running Yosemiteafter removal of "jamf" ?? Would anyone know what is the cause and how to remove ??  View more

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I am trying to make an AppleScript that will place a .app in my users dock based on the org group that they are a part of in Active Directory. For example, a teacher will get a different .app in their dock then a student, because they are part of a d...  View more

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Keyboard freezes

We're having a couple oddball issues and are thinking might be JSS-related. We haven't been able to confirm though. (1) Several users have reported that their macbook pro has a frozen keyboard. I have experienced this issue myself - I would bring my ...  View more

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Restarting to Bootcamp Via Policy

Hello All, I have a script that works great for restarting my iMacs to Bootcamped Windows. I use it in Casper Remote and Self-Service just fine. Here is the script: #!/bin/sh sudo bless -mount "/Volumes/BOOTCAMP" -legacy -setBoot -nextonly sudo shutd...  View more

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Key Escrow

When encrypting via a Self Service policy, there are times that the key does not get escrowed. This issue has caused problem for us in the past. And, due to the unreliability of the process, causes some significant workflow changes. Has anyone else s...  View more

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Denying Access to Security&Privacy

Hi All I was hoping someone could help me a answer a question. Is it possible within Casper to lock down certain tab/options within Security&Privacy. I want to stop users from being able to access the firewall or filevault tab, so that our users cant...  View more

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JNUC Super Early Bird pricing for Education Customers

Hello JAMF Nation, Two weeks ago we launched our JNUC registration site and we already have 170 registrations completed -- approximately evenly split between Education and Commercial customers. Also over these two weeks, we have heard much feedback f...  View more

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MacBooks with USB-C and Target Boot Imaging

Has anyone tried to image one of these laptops using Target Boot Mode? We do not have any of these yet and I am curious with the fact there isn't a Thunderbolt port, which is the way it has been done for a number of years now. We are going to try and...  View more

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Assigning Department During Imaging?

Hey guys, I'm looking to have my department, maybe even building set automatically during imaging. I have 3 department groups; staff, admin, and student. We are using and AD right now, but until we re-organize it, I cannot rely on it to pull departme...  View more

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AutoDMG vs createOSXinstallPkg?

Hello,We have finally figured out about these two tools and have been using them for a few version updates now: AutoDMG to create the file we use for imaging and createOSXinstallPkg to create the file used for OS X updates. The question I had is whet...  View more

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Set Timeout iPad Screens

Hey all, We have some Kiosks iPads that are timing out and locking to fast. Is there an option for screen timeouts on iPads/Jamf?  View more

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