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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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Building a NetBoot image?

Hey all; I'm attempting to build a NetBoot image for Casper, for use with OS X Server. I got OS X Server set up, and I'm attempting to build a clean NetBoot image that will allow me to boot Mac clients and run Casper Imaging. I ran through the instru...  View more

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Refreshing package list in Casper Admin?

I might be being a bit dense here, but is there any way to refresh the package list in Casper Admin? I'm setting up multiple new packages, and I'm using one laptop to create them and copy them to the distribution point, while another machine has Admi...  View more

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Zero byte files in ~/Library

Has anyone else seen/dealt with this? We image our machines with a generic user account, but we help some users (managers, etc) create personalized user accounts when needed. We just started noticing the following folders in the user's Library folder...  View more

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Please help with script for EA

I am working on updating the EA, and stuck on format of evaluating an expression. CURRENT_EXCEL_VERSION="15.20" if [ -d /Applications/Microsoft Excel.app ] then EXCEL_VERSION=$( sudo defaults read /Applications/Microsoft Excel.app/Contents/Info.plist...  View more

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Script to rename Mac

I am running a script that will ask the end user to enter the machine name. It will not work through Casper (remotely or in a policy) but will work fine if I run it locally. Any ideas why it may not be running? I have included the script below. !/bin...  View more

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3rd Party Insurance for iPad's

I realize that this is not necessarily a Casper question, but I am hoping to harness the power of JAMF Nation and get some feedback on how you all are dealing with iPad repairs/warranties/insurance. I work for a company who is about to pull the trigg...  View more

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Installing Cylance Package

I'm having some difficulty figuring out how to use Casper to install Cylance on every Mac in our organization. I've tried to create a shell script that will run it (not through Casper yet) but when I try on a test Mac it fails. I have the Cylance.pkg...  View more

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Exchange Credentials Sync with Active Directory

We are using Microsoft Office 365 for our email service for faculty/staff and one of the issues we are having is when someone changes their password to log in every 90 days, if they don't update their password on their IOS device, it will lock out th...  View more

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McAfee MNE Password Policy and FileVault

Hello, currently we have our security team managing FileVault, this will change over time. I had two questions: The security team wants to test a feature, Password Content rules from the MNE/EPO Console for our FileVault process. The description from...  View more

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Setting Timezone on imaging not reflected in SysPrefs

Hello all,We have recently become responsible for Macs in a London office (we are NY based).I’ve added a script to set UK localizations on Imaging (an “at reboot” script), with help from articles and resources from here (thank you!) I am having one i...  View more

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Cannot add dock item in El Capitan

Hi-I'm trying to add a small applescript .app to users' computers. In Casper Admin, I added the dock item and the app (using .pkg). The .app copies fine to /Applications and I have set for the dock item to be added at the end under the same policy. H...  View more

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Self service grey spinning wheel

Apologies I have updated an earlier post, but I need to find a solution so have raised it as a new thread. I know its almost certainly something simple that I have missed, I've spent some time scouring through previous discussions but so far nothing ...  View more

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Looking to build a 10.8.5 OS installer

Hello all, In one way or another, I have a case whereby in need a 10.8.5 OS installer due to unique circumstances. I've used AutoDMG in the past with success with Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan, yet the OS X Mountain Lion Installer I have appear...  View more

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Single App Mode - Home button

Hi AllWe have a very secure corporate wifi network where we have managed to get iOS devices connected to using AC2 and a Wifi Profile.We want our iPads to run in Single App Mode (Safari), however I've found that the iPads will randomly drop the Wifi ...  View more

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Broken Pipe error on printer?

We've encountered a strange problem where any job that gets sent to a particular shared printer on our Mac print server is causing an error "Unable to write uncompressed print data. Broken pipe". We tried deleting and recreating the print queue which...  View more

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Newest HP Printers

Hi All,I have an interesting issue that I'm hoping to have some input on. I have been doing just fine with our existing printer setup with drivers and such. We run a bunch of different models(school district) of HP. My issue is with the newest models...  View more

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Turn OFF Parental Controls

Is there a way to turn OFF parental controls using a command line. The target client is on Yosemite. I need to be able to find a way to disable that checkmark under SYstemPreferences -> Accounts -> user  View more

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One Machine still pending after multiple check ins..

hey guys New to Casper and learning as I go here I have created a policy and deployed it to 4 machinesive set it to install on check in and enabled reaccuring check in only in the general tab settings in the policyExecution Frequency is once per comp...  View more

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Disable 'Invert Colours' at login

I have been able to control 'Invert Colours' settings in the Accessibility using a configuration profile and applying it to the computer object. However, Command+Option+F5 and Control+Option+Command+8 both remain operational at the login screen. Any ...  View more

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IOS devices dropping off the JSS

Hi, I have been slaving away getting all of our 200+ iPads into DEP or older iPads supervised and enrolled so I can remotely push app and manage the iPads remotely. I got to a point where I had 90% of the iPads in the JSS pushing apps etc then all of...  View more

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Adding a Restriction

Hello, so i had a student who was messing with the passcode settings on one of our iPads, so i looked into Jamf so see if i can set up a restriction were he wasn't able to make those changes anymore. I noticed you can only add a restriction in the co...  View more

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