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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.35 Release

Good morning Jamf Nation! Today we released Jamf Pro 10.35 which includes support for user deferrals for macOS Software Updates, cloud identity provider page enhancements and Bearer Authentication for Classic API. Jamf Pro Security IssuesJamf provide...  View more

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Third-Party Security Issue

Update 12/28On December 9, 2021, a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) was identified in the log4j library (https://www.lunasec.io/docs/blog/log4j-zero-day/). The log4j project released version 2.15 to address this issue. New i...  View more

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Mac issues authenicating with AD

We have just started supporting Macs into our environment. We are primarily a Windows shop but are really starting to expand into Macs.One of the biggest issues we are running into is that we can't seem to have success with having the user log in wit...  View more

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MDM for shared apple id

I have a question about shared apple id's in a school setting. I manage 3 carts of 20 ipads for elementary and will be adding another 20 ipads in the fall. We are moving to Casper by May. Will the MDM replace the need for adding another expensive ipa...  View more

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API Help - Please

I'm working on a script that would be used while a device is in the Netboot state. The script will remove the device from the JSS and Active Directory then format the HD. The part i'm hoping someone can assist with is how to get the Computer Name bas...  View more

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Seattle Apple Admins Meetup: January 29, 2015

Seattle area peeps, there is an Apple admin meetup on Thursday evening 6-8pm, Jan 29. It's not JAMF-specific, but rather all thing associated with being an Apple admin. I'm hoping to be there and we can chat about JAMF related things if you'd like! I...  View more

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Multiple Mac Boot partitions

Is there a method for managing two Mac boot volumes on a single machine as two distinct computers? I have a shared computer lab, and our standard college image/login credentials are on one partition, while the second partition is for our CS departmen...  View more

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Non-JNUC Mac Conferences

I was dismayed recently when I came to the realization that another engagement means that I not be able to attend a conference in late October/early November, which may prevent me from going to JNUC2015. Depressing though that may be, I still want to...  View more

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Newbie needs direction :)

We are a fairly small business with around 50 employees and we are rolling out to everyone new Macs and this is my first foray into MDM on OS X and Casper.I did the two day training a month ago in rushed session due to work constraints and the holida...  View more

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Force kerberos to 'wake up'.

Pertaining to domain accounts; when systems resume from sleep or connect via vpn the kerberos authentication with the domain seems to take a couple minutes to kick in. Until that time users are asked for their username/password for every network obje...  View more

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Casper Focus - Wifi Issue

Hi, A number of our staff are reporting issues with capser focus not allowing them to remove focus from an app.This usually occurs when the WIFI connectivity is for some reason lost, all iPads in a case use the same SSID but it is only a couple that ...  View more

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Winter Storm Juno and CCE in NYC on Jan 27-30

24"+ of snow forecast for Mon/Tue, 2,300 flights cancelled as of 8PM Sunday, it doesn't look like I'm going to risk the 4hr drive from Delaware to New York City. Good luck to @milesleacy and all the folks that show up for the class. I hope you all ha...  View more

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Remove apps from VPP assignment list

Hi all, I am new to Jamf after recently migrating from Airwatch. In Airwatch I could remove apps we were no longer using from the VPP managed distribution list. This allowed us to reduce clutter and make things easier to find. Is there a way to accom...  View more

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ADD casper admin for Site administrator

How do I add CASPER ADMIN for a site administrator? I want to allow them access to it so they can upload pkg/dmg's, create configurations for their site and also see what currently is available. it has RECON, IMAGING, and CASPER REMOTE, but NOT CASPE...  View more

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Inventory query of last time station booted

This is actually two questions related to when systems startup. I would like to be able to query in inventory when the startup time was that a computer booted up. I would like to be able to log when each boot up of a system takes place. The first I w...  View more

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need help about find my iphone

this my frist post. frist say sorry . i dnot know this right section or wrong section. i have small business . i have web service for country unlock . i searching iphone found my iphone off service direct supplier for clean imei only. i serach web an...  View more

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Students Changing Admin Passwords

We have 11 inch MacBook Airs running Maverick. I've run across a few that student's have changed the ladmin password. I have terminal locked, I have installer blocked, system preferences blocked. I don't know how they are doing this. I attached a scr...  View more

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createOSXinstallPkg not building with non-flat package

The GitHub page for createOSXinstallPkg mentions that the Yosemite installer does not work with flat packages.https://github.com/munki/createOSXinstallPkg#further-note-on-additional-packages-and-yosemite I built a new distribution package containing ...  View more

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API and POST command

I am trying to import a computer using the mac or serial number into the JSS using the api. I am not understanding the syntax for this. I have an xml file with both pieces of information in it ready to be imported. I understand the command will look ...  View more

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How to keep Macs from sleeping while installing OS?

This may be a stupid question because the act of installing the OS seems like it would prevent the Mac from sleeping in the first place, but because it's being done in the background for a cached installer (via self service) is it possible for the Ma...  View more

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remotely shutdown iPads....Please?

Hi All,I have a clear recollection of a conversation at JNUC with someone who said Apple has a tool to remotely shutdown iPads..... If Apple can, then why can't we? Anybody seen this when working on a large scale Apple assisted deployment?Maybe it wa...  View more

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No Self Service Available

Trying to get Self Service configured for our workstations and in the documentation the path: Settings > Computer Management we don't see Self Service. Just an Inventory Display icon. Are we missing something? JSS 9.63.  View more

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Mac App Store Errors via Self Service

Hi all. I'm having an issue with Self Service and the Mac App Store. I was trying to deploy a VPP purchased app (purchased as Managed Licenses) with Self Service. The installs fail (Mavericks and Yosemite). The device Management Commands show the err...  View more

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School Mac Deployment - Best Practices

Hello All, Just wondering what you have seen at school districts for devices. Specifically for teachers and students. We currently have plans for iPads for K-8 and 11-inch Macbook Airs for 9-12. Teachers are looking at Macbook Pro Retina or Macbook A...  View more

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iPad App Managed Distribution Outline

Hi All, I just wanted to share the result of much testing and tweaking in an effort to use a JAMF + Apple DEP + VPP Managed Distribution (No Self Service) + no LDAP (will change next school year) in a mixed-model iPad 1:1 environment. I posted an out...  View more

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Can't deploy Mac Apps via VPP - iTunes

I am trying to deploy Comic Life 3 to my own Mac. I decided to use the new VPP program, without the codes, to check it out. When click on Users > Me. I can see iTunes Account InformationWhether the device assigned to the user is logged in to iTunes w...  View more

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Creating an Extension Attribute for iOS

Hey all, I'm looking to create an iOS extension attribute. Namely, one for EASDeviceIdentifier, which iOS 7 and 8 use (and Exchange gathers) when setting up and Exchange account on an iOS device. We want to gather this in the JSS but it doesn't seem ...  View more

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Password Prompt when printing to smb device

Ref: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=4075 Short story: we just set up uniFlow set up at our organization so I was tasked with packaging the Secure Print drivers and printers (which I've done). When I install our printers manual...  View more

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