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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Chrome Extensions deterrent

Like a lot of others on here, we are educators that have been having a rash of students loading extensions in Chrome in order to run VPNs, games, etc. After standing on the shoulders of some much better scripters in JAMF Nation, we came up with the b...  View more

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List of Apps in Casper for users

I would like my users to be able to access a web page with a list of all iOS Apps in Casper (thus our approved apps), not just those available in Self Service. Is there a pathway for this? Gil Anspacher, Technology DirectorSantiam Canyon School Distr...  View more

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Powershell script issue

So I've been working with our account create team and they wanted to monitor Macs that have admin on them. So we have a process where a person request admin access and if they are granted it, the account creation team creates a special ID for them an...  View more

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Defer not working...El Capitan Upgrade issue

So I've recently started testing the upgrade path for El Capitan and ran into and issue I can't really explain or fix with my knowledge...so figured I'd reach out to the borg collective here for assistance. So in our current Yosemite build process we...  View more

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Help with a post-install custom trigger

I’m trying to get a post-install script to run from a custom trigger. This seems like it should be fairly straight forward so I assume I’m overlooking something quite basic? And yes, I am a noob in terms of scripting so please go easy on me. Or not! ...  View more

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App Store System Preferences

Does anyone have a good way to manage the System Preferences pane for the App Store? I've searched around but haven't found a good solution. I'd like to not have to block the entire App Store. I just don't want the application to automaticallycheck f...  View more

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iPad stuck on initial setup

Hello Guys, I bought an iPad (4th generation) (refurbished) 2 months ago from a local store here in Pakistan. It was on iOS 8.4 when I bought it and didnt feel the need to update it for a while. With the release of iOS 9.2.1 however I updated my iPad...  View more

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Removing an old cert from System or login keychain(s)

We have to remove an old cert from all the Macs. We have the hash, so can identify computers that have the old cert. The cert might exist in /Library/Keychains/System.keychain or /Users/username/Library/Keychains/login.keychain or etc. In order to li...  View more

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JSS Mobile Device: Search for multiple instances

We use JSS for our iPads and sometimes I want to check if there are users tied to multiple devices. I can go look for each user individually, but that's too tedious with almost 1000 iPads. Does anyone know of any way to do a search where you can set ...  View more

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Using PreStage Enrollment with Workflows

So we finally have DEP setup, and our first machine has arrived for testing and just wanted to see if what we want to archive is doable another way... So the big question... is it possible to run a workflow after or even before PreStage Enrollment. W...  View more

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NBI showing old name after updating to new NBI

We created a NBI image with AutoCasperNBI and uploaded it to our server. We removed the old "test" NBI and changed it. Now when we netboot a client mac, it just shows the old NBI file name despite it not being anywhere. On a side note, we are unable ...  View more

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DEP and computer names

Hi Folks, We have our DEP setup in our JSS and the computers and the iPads are all showing up just fine. What I am struggling with is the computer name piece. I know we can assign names based on serial number, MAC Addresses or a list of computer name...  View more

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JSS and ESXi requirements...

Hi, we have JSS on physical server for now... we have 3-4 mac servers running different mac services... we start on planning putting everything on esxi on mac hardware... What would be best practice for CPU and memory requirement for those ressources...  View more

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Best Practice for inventory management

We have machine's that go in and out of stock all the time. However that stock isn't handled by me and I rarely know where an asset is at any given point in time. How are you handling those assets and keeping them from showing up in a 'not checked in...  View more

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Bizarre issue with configuration profile

Hi, Wondering if someone can help please We have two config profiles which set when the password is required One profile for gatekeeper being switched on One profile for gatekeeper switched off In both instances the machine is set to require password...  View more

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View the custom events

Hey guysIn our Casper suite, we have custom set events we can enable in our policiesHow can I view each one that is already created to see what they do ?  View more

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How to Remove a Lock Screen in JSS

I am in a school setting. I just set a background picture as the lock screen for both home and lock screens. Now, I want to remove it. How do I do this without having to delete the device entirely?  View more

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Broken admin account

We have a Mac that was re-enrolled by a tech. trying to log in to our admin account on the machine failed after that. The tech changed the password locally to the correct password and could logon but policies like reissueing the FileVault key were fa...  View more

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Creating a Office 2016 package with preferences

Hi all, I'm having some issues with my Office 2016 package. This is essentially the first package that I've built with Composer. I took a clean, non-domain joined system and started running composer. Installed office, launched each app and set the pr...  View more

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Automated Compliance Monitoring

Hi all, AirWatch has a robust automated compliance monitoring feature that notifies users when their device is out of compliance and gives a deadline for bringing the device back into compliance. Does anything in the Casper Suite provide this type of...  View more

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Help with a script

So we're trying to set things up to use Google Drive as an automagic backup solution here. I've used MacDropAny to set up my proof of concept, but I feel like that'll be too time consuming to set up on all our users' machines. I'm trying to write a s...  View more

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Disable menu items for applications

Some of our users are interested in using the Grammarly native OS X application, but I inspected the application contents and it doesn't look like there's an easy way to disable update checks just by renaming a framework or something like that. Is th...  View more

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