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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.34 Release

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.34 which includes enhancements to the Jamf Parent and Jamf Teacher apps, updates to the Jamf Connect auto-deployment settings, and new Shared iPad session features. This release also gives IT admins the ability to select...  View more

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User-Level MCX not applying on 10.10 Yosemite

I've noticed that on Yosemite my user-level MCX preferences don't get pushed to all users. The computer level MCX seem to work fine. The odd thing is that the user-level MCX get pushed to our local admin account but any subsequent user that logs in w...  View more

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Install root cert onto RHEL JDS?

How do I install my companies root CA as a trusted root cert on my RedHat JDS? I can enroll the JDS just fine to my Dev JSS, but all inventory reports from it come ask with a error: [luser@redhat ~]$ sudo jamfds inventory The SSL certificate is inval...  View more

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Creating New VPP Invitation

I originally created a VPP invitation using an LDAP group. Found some issues (adding users not in my site) to the invitation. After attending JAMF Conference I recreated a smart User group based on Users who invitation status is "not associated" and ...  View more

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Connect to Wifi using Identity via command line

Hey JAMF Users, We use EAP-TLS to connect to our corp wifi network. Im trying to figure out how to connect to it via command line. MDM Wifi Certs - pushes the SCEP cert to the device to be set as the identity. This command will set the identity secur...  View more

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Self Service Programs

Is there a way to have programs only show up in Self Service if the program is not currently installed? Here is what I have tried so far: I created a smart group for computers that did not have Firefox. Made a policy for Firefox to be in the self ser...  View more

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Custom Software Update Script does not log to JSS

Hi all, I have a custom software update script (using parts of a script posted here on jamfnation) that checks for available software updates and displays different dialogs depending on the types of updates (e.g. restart required, critical software u...  View more

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Self Service "Phantom" Notifications

Hey guys... Just wanted to see if anybody has experienced this. The Self Service app is always displaying three notifications (despite nothing actually there) - the only way I know if I legitimately have anything is if the counter exceeds 3. Anybody ...  View more

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iPad Background

I'm new to Apple so detailed help would be appreciated. From what I read on the KB, it appears that Apple Configurator is the only option for deploying a customized Wallpaper and Lock Screen Background. Is this still the case? I would really love to ...  View more

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Script help

Hi All, I have a policy that runs on logout that runs a script to delete all users except the local admin user. I thought this was working fine but I was told by some students that there work was still there when they logged back into the machine. I ...  View more

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createusrpkg not adding admin

In our 10.10 workflow we have our local admin created via the createusrpkg from the app store (or the github link). i've noticed that in 10.9 the local admin has admin rights, but in 10.10 it doesn't. anybody else run into that?  View more

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Best way to get check-in history

Hello, I am looking for a way to see the check-in history of a particular machine to the JSS. We are seeing machines failing to report to Casper for months at a time and then return. We speculate that some users are creating another partition on thei...  View more

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Minnesota Local JAMF Nation

Hello Everyone, Some of us got together at JUNC2014 and thought it would be a great idea to create a group to be able to have local contacts, discussions and possibly get together monthly. Please feel free to post any questions, comments, tips or coo...  View more

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Create Smart Group of Macs that have run a script?

OK, I've probably missed this somewhere, but I need to create a smart group based on the Macs that have run a script. There are 3 parts to this, 1 and 2 are complete. 1st policy deploy a folder and its contents to the Documents folder of an Admin acc...  View more

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Script to Launch Sophos Cloud Installer

Sophos, in their infinite wisdom, is now distributing their installer for Sophos Cloud as an .app and not a .pkg. Installing, then updating, then capturing with Composer results in about a 250MB .pkg file and it's not as stable or clean as just runni...  View more

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SSL on Windows Server 2012 R2

Hey all, I have our JSS setup on a 2k12 R2 server and I want to know the best way to go about setting up SSL on it. I have tried the tomcat route and while the interface SSL is setup, the SSL cert pushed with the Configuration Profiles and Enrollment...  View more

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Static group functionality

Hi, could anyone advise on the following. Have computers that have not checked in to JSS for a long period of time and would like to apply the specific policy. Creating a smart group with a criteria "last check in more than x days" would not give any...  View more

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Tidying up SUS and I get CLI errors

Hi, I am running the Ubuntu Netbook/SUS server. In this post - https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=11818, I asked about getting only the versions of software I needed. I have done that, but when I try and run sudo /var/lib/reposado...  View more

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Out of box experience for leaving students

At the end of the students time at our college, they are able to purchase their MBA for personal use.What is the easiest way of erasing their HDD of all the schools software and settings and having the Out of box experience for the students? Thanks!  View more

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Upgrading from 9.32 to 9.6

Hey everyone: Anyone want to point at potential roadblocks or issues I am likely to experience? I am running on Ubuntu server (64), and recently went from 9.2 to 9.32 as I was waiting to see if the Thunderbolt Enrollment bug was repaired. Other than ...  View more

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JNUC 5K 2014 Results

We had 34 runners this year and the weather cooperated: 39F and clear at the start. The course was a little long since we couldn't finish at the normal parking lot (due to construction), so most finished with 5.4km. Another good run, great to meet so...  View more

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JSS API and monitoring dashboards

This quarter I'm going to be looking into how I can use the JSS API to put relevant monitoring data about my Macs on my department dashboard. (An HDTV hanging overhead) Our monitoring has to be relevant and useful, so not just pretty bar graphs of th...  View more

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AD Home Folder changes causing small issues

Recently we removed all student storage and network home folders from our SAN. We now point all student AD account home folders to an empty (or NULL) path. Since this change, all new mobile accounts on devices show with a blank (finder and self servi...  View more

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I wasn't able to attend this event - does anyone know if the slides for this event have been posted yet? Or better yet, is there plans to aggregate all the sessions into one handy place for all of JNUC 2014? That would be appreciated. EDIT: I found t...  View more

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