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Jamf Pro 10.42.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro. Jamf Pro 10.42.1 fixes the following product issues: [PI110600] Updated a third-party library to resolve a known vulnerability (CVE-2022-42889). [PI110632] The device inventory record no longe...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.43.0 Beta is Now Available!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.43.0 Beta. This release includes enhancements to Device Compliance integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, a new FileVault 2 Personal Recovery Key Attribute, and several fixes and other enhancement...  View more

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Restrict non admins from changing their passwords....

I'm looking for a simple way to restrict non-admin accounts from accessing the Users & Groups pref pane (students pulling shenanigins on public workstations). A simple password reset policy doesn't work because students change the name on the account...  View more

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Using HTTP on a distribution point outside the firewall

We're in the process of moving from a JDS to a file share DP using AFP. In testing we've just found it to be more reliable, both in client access and casper admin use. The problem is I want to stick with HTTP outside of the firewall for remote client...  View more

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MySQL is Stopping and causing the JSS stop working

This just happens anytime. The JSS stops working with an error message. Then we have to restart the OSX server and then restart the MYSQL. This can happen anytime we couldn't find any particular trigger causing this problem. However, bulky operations...  View more

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Suppressing Silverlight Update Notifications

Has anyone had any luck with suppressing Silverlight update notifications? Inside ~/Library/com.microsoft.silverlight.plist the UpdateMode value that can be changed from 1-(on) to 2-(off). I tried to just package up a com.microsoft.silverlight.plist ...  View more

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FileVault 2 and the Imaging Process

So, if I get a machine returned to me from a "user-who-is-no-longer" which contains an FV2 protected volume (the recovery key is unknown), is there any way to just re-image that machine? I know how to manually remove the CS logical volume group that ...  View more

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Script on log in not working

I've wrote a script to map network folders based on AD groups and credentials. I saved it as an app, and packaged it to install on my deployment software package. When a user logs on, the script is set to launch. On some of my MacBooks the script is ...  View more

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Network Homes - going from OD to AD

We have been an all-Mac shop for our student and staff logins, but OD and WGM isn't cutting it any more, so we're moving to Active Directory and SMB servers for network (non-mobile) home folders. We're new to this and would like to find how others ar...  View more

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Hello everybody,Newbie in here and I really need help from this great community.We're in the process to evaluate the possibility to publish our JSS in the DMZ.My environment is set up as follow: JSS 9.7 on a Win2012R2 vm hosted on hyper-v (internal.m...  View more

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Non-Admin Home Printer Software Installs

We are a 1-to-1 high school and the problem I have been trying to tackle is regarding installing home printer software. We have eliminated the problem of standard users not being able to actually add a printer with: dseditgroup -o edit -n /Local/Defa...  View more

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Outlook 2011 - Online Archiving Tools, PST Migrations

Greetings Everyone, Has anyone come across any tools or processes for automatically migrating Outlook 2011 PST(On My Computer) folders to an Office 365 Online Archive? Our Windows environment is using a tool from Barracuda that is handling the proces...  View more

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External JSS Enrol Errors

Hey guys, Little bit stuck with where to go next with our external JSS and not being able to enrol from it. Downloading required CA Certificate(s)... verbose: Successfully downloaded the certificate "JSS Built-in Certificate Authority". verbose: Succ...  View more

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Policy Log Parser

Hello All! Like a few others, we have a business need to report on the success or failure of certain policies. I've seen several feature requests asking JAMF to create the ability to export Policy Log results in a CSV or PDF format, but it doesn't lo...  View more

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Adobe PCD Permissions

Hello all, Just have a quick question about the Adobe PCD folder in CS installations: Has anyone found a way to make this folder not writable to users, but still allow Adobe products to open without error? Unfortunately, the students somehow found th...  View more

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9.65 Casper Imaging not erasing drive

Has anyone experienced an issue with Casper Imaging 9.65 skipping the "erase target drive" process? I have seen this issue with both target disk mode imaging and Netboot imaging. My netboot images were created with AutoCasperNBI (10.10.3 and 9.65). H...  View more

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Open Directory

I have inherited an Open Directory here at school that has no Groups, just one large Work Group of all the students, which is not condusive to removing graduating seniors. My summer plans consist of organizing this but I am unsure what it should look...  View more

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computers losing name in sharing

We are having an issue with our Mountain Lion image, using Casper 9.7. The computers seem to image correctly, then after a restart the name disappears from sharing and the machine shows up in Casper as localhost. Due to this problem, I have 160 machi...  View more

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Replicating the Switch User from Lock screen

I am trying to determine a scriptable command that does the same thing Switch User button on the lock screen does but having trouble doing so...The closest I have is using C/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/User.menu/Contents/Resources/CGSessi...  View more

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Thin Imaging in the MacBook world

I was looking at possibly doing thin imaging, now that the MacBook USB C world is upon us. Most all of the information I could scrounge up was pretty outdated (2012 and earlier). I was wondering how or best practices for 10.10 (and 10.11?) and Casper...  View more

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Casper Admin gives confusing error on .app files

I've noticed for a while that the error given by Casper Admin when you attempt to add a .app file makes no sense. For example, attempting to upload the Box Edit installer "designed to work with...Casper Suite" fails and presents the following error m...  View more

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Script Issue With Setting Finder Prefs

Sort of newbie here to scripting so looking for some help! I want to get the hard drive etc to show up on users desktops as they update to Yosemite or get a new computer with Yosemite. I'll include portion of the script below, I'm sure it's an easy f...  View more

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